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With these 7 guided meditations, ranging from

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I was having a little clear out of my old files and found those awesome guided meditations that I recorded a little while ago.

They don't have music, which is the only difference with the ones I'm recording now. 


"I won't record these 'old goodies' again", I thought. They are just pretty good like this.

Let's just offer them for a very small price, as many people I'm sure, will enjoy them.


So here they are, ready to be enjoyed by you and your friends!

So, what are those 'old goodies' all about?


"Breathing Technique" - 15 min

This guided meditation is fantastic if you feel stressed out and anxious. Simply by concentrating on the breath and learning to control it, we allow our para-sympathetic nervous system to activate. It will then release beautiful sensations of inner peace and calm. Once you know the technique, you can practice conscious breathing nay time, anywhere, and feel instantly more relaxed and connected to yourself!


"The bubble - emotional release" - 8 min

Practice this meditation every time you feel strong emotions coming up. The technique explained is simple and easy; once you learn it, you can quickly do it on your own with noticeable results. You can work on releasing any emotions, no matter how old they are. But you can as well use this technique to free up old memories of traumatic and unpleasant events, or aches and pains in your body.

So really, 'the bubble emotional; release' is a must-have tool in your magic toolbox of a soul rising to her full potential!


"Self-protection technique" - 8 min

That is one of my most-used tools in my own magical tool box of spiritual practices.

Practice this quick self-protection technique every morning or when you feel the need to do so.

It has two parts in it.

The first part (creating the protective bubble) can be done every day. 

The second and third layers of protection taught in this meditation, can be used when you know that you are going to face some  intense moments. If you visit draining places, people who are unwell and anytime you find yourself in draining situation, add those extra layers of protection.


"Clearing Star" - 20 min

This meditation is designed to clear your body and energy field of unwanted energies and low vibrations. It works first one using a star to clear each chakra, removing all blockages. The star literally acts as a 'washing machine' spinning 'dirty energies' away from the chakras.

After that, we use a tornado coming from the Universe to expulse all the energy still remaining in your energy field.

After practicing this powerful clearing meditation, you might feel lighter in your body and  mind.  Your energy field will be more vibrant!


"Visualisation test" - 17 min

Try this visualization test to check how focused you can be!

It's a great story that will make you do precise actions, so you can realize if your mind has been wandering and for how long.

It's not that easy, I'm telling you, I struggle with this too! But I love it because it is a fantastic way to train our brain to stay focused for longer periods of time.

Do it, it will help you know yourself better!


"Listen to your body language" - 31 min

Learn to listen...

It can be difficult in our busy every day lives to simply stop, and listen to our body, to what it needs for its wellbeing. 

In this guided meditation, we listen to the language of our body.

The way it speaks to me, is not the same as the way it speaks to you...

It often has its own special ways of sending us signs that we can recognize.

How fantastic is it to be there for the beautiful vehicule of our soul?

In this guided meditation you will have the time and space to do just that!


"My inner temple" - 18 min

In this beautiful guided meditation, we will be able to  create our very own inner temple.

I will guide you in a magical place, that is only there for you.

You will work on developing your clairvoyance, your concentration and your creativity.

This guided meditation can be done in itself, or it can be the starting point of any other journey that you want to take within you.

It creates a safe healing space where you can come at any time, to recharge your batteries and simply be.


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