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This two-day event is for the souls who desire to understand their unique connection with their High Council.


Our High Council is there to help us anchor our soul's purpose now, as we are anchoring the new Golden Age of Miracles. All leaders of the Light are called to rise up and embody their unique soul blueprint, as the pathway to the embodiment of our mission in this current reality.


As we learn to connect with greater precision with our High Council, we know more clearly who we are, and what our connections with certain star races are. It helps us increase confidence in ourselves, our unique path and the journey of the collective human race.


This two-day event will give quantum keys of intuition, psychic abilities and telepathy, help establish strong pathways of communication with our High Council and increase trust and confidence in co-creation with advanced star races and Ascended Masters.

Many souls are already serving the light in a beautifully aligned way, yet they lack precision in communication with their High Council. This can lead to oscillation in timelines, questioning their soul's purpose, wondering how to shift to the next level of their service. Procarastination, doubts, 'feeling blocked' start to cripple in, which could lead to a lack of soul alignment. That also prevents powerful souls from anchoring their highest timelines of abundance and freedom.


When we increase our ability to consciously connect with our High Council, we learn how our intuition and psychic abilities work on a higher vibrational level, as we must increase our frequencies to be able to access clear communication with advanced star races.


This path in itself is a potent spiritual journey of evolution!


Our High Council is there to help us anchor our soul's purpose. NOW is the time to do so, as the great awakening has started and light leaders need to step up fully in their power to serve others and also anchor a beautiful reality for themselves.


All of us lead the way to the Golden Age of Miracles, together. Cendrine and her High Council are here to train the next generation of light leaders, so they can rise together and weave webs of divine light around the world, uplifting humanity in the first cycle of an upgraded civilisation.


Join us for an accelerated journey of evolution, as you establish a strong connection with your unique High Council and learn more about your soul's purpose!




Together, we will:

⨀ Learn the foundational principles of the architecture of channeling and how it works on a quantum level, so we can start experiencing massive shifts in terms of intuition and psychic abilities, telepathy and downloads.


⨀ Learn the foundational principles of co-creation with advanced civilization and your High Council. Learn about your own team, your connection with them and how they can help you and your mission.


⨀ Learn how to maintain a constant connection with your intuition and always feel that you are living with the flow of life.


⨀ Learn how to always feel connected to your soul and your High Council, no matter what you're experiencing in 3D reality.


⨀ Learn to stabilise your awareness in a super-conscious state. This will allow you to have a broader vision of your mission in this world and keep faith in your progress, always.


⨀ Learn about your unique connection with different star races and Ascended Masters, as you understand more deeply your own journey through time and space reality and other incarnations.


⨀ Increase confidence in your own channeling abilities, so you can take your work to the next level, by developing your unique gifts in such a special way that it will set you apart from everyone else!


⨀ Understand how you personally download information from higher realms and your soul, so you can harness that ability to create your upgraded offerings to serve your soul aligned tribe.


These are NEW teachings, never taught before by anyone, as they are an integral part of the architecture of life, a unique body of work channeled by Cendrine directly from Source Consciousness.


These teachings are powerful and help us enjoy our human life more than ever, so we don't feel disconnected from our life, but rather more integrated and more powerful than ever.


The neo-humans are learning to embody their super-conscious states now, so they can co-create with advanced civilisations, their High Council, Ascended Master and Soul family, for the purpose of spiritual evolution in Love.


Together, we weave webs of divine light around the planet, as humans and as star seeds.


This is one potent way to embrace and to ground your awakening in solid foundations, so you can continue your spiritual journey with more confidence and knowledge.

We are here to have a great time on planet Earth, with the ones we love!


We are here to evolve and ascend in the 5th Dimension where we live our lives based on the frequencies of Love, Abundance, Freedom and Connection.


We are here to learn our own infinite power and strength.


All of these templates are amplified through Fractal Energetics. 


Cendrine will teach attendees to become empowered, divine souls all the ropes of this potent channeled body of work, received from Source.

Codex Inclusions:

⨀ The foundations of the Self (soul and human incarnation)

⨀ The three brains and the evolution of consciousness

⨀ Quantum foundations of telepathy, intuition and psychic abilities

⨀ Receiving downloads, our unique gifts, and our soul mission

⨀ Cosmic surgery with the Arcturians for brain enhancement, pineal gland activation and super conscious states access

⨀ Activation of crystal clear connection with our star family, ascended masters and spiritual mentors

⨀ Conscious Creation of our High Council

⨀ Foundational principles of co-creation with our High Council, for the purpose of anchoring our soul purpose


+ Quantum grid and work done behind the scenes by Cendrine, one week prior to the workshop

+ Integration grid for 3 months after the event

(done behind-the-scenes by Cendrine and in a private FB group)


⨀ Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of December 

⨀ From 10 am to 5.30 pm NZDT, with a 90 min break 

⨀ Happening LIVE ONLINE using ZOOM

⨀ A workbook including Quantum Visual Activators

⨀ The recordings of the workshop with LIFETIME ACCESS

⨀ A Private FB group support for 3 months after the event

Testimonials from students

I took Cendrine's workshop, Fractal Energetics Foundations, and I deeply loved it. 

She is a teacher with an amazing ability to explain highly complicated information with great ease.

She is a translator of the soul. In this event, among many things, I was led to identify my soul's  personal codes and 

I am already accessing them consciously and bringing them into my everyday interactions, choices and into my business,

to make it a heart centered business.    

I got clarity  on how 4D works and on how to build the bridge between 5D and 3D,  a new world  perspective has opened up for  me.

Marianna Valero

I had several moments of doubt before signing up for the course; these were largely fears of losing connections with friends and people around me as I shifted and "leave them behind'. 

I loved Cendrine's way of teaching as it was a scientific and practical approach to living true to our values and being a leader for others.

Cara Di Vitto

Cendrine was able to provide another deeper layer to what I already knew about the field of quantum energetics. It really helped me to understand and process it like never before. The unified field and quantum resonance sections were my biggest ‘aha’ moments.

I truly felt held and supported energetically throughout the whole two days.

Leanne Grothe

I had been following Cendrine's teachings mostly on YouTube and loved her way of explaining deep spiritual concepts with crystal clear clarity.

I'm so grateful that I got to participate in this 2-day event as it has helped me a lot in understanding more about myself and my mission. I now have more knowledge and courage to create the next chapter of my professional life!

Eri Takea

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Investment in yourself:


$800 NZD


or 4 monthly payments of $210 NZD


Facilitated by Cendrine, Founder of Fractal Alchemy,

5D Quantum University, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel.


Advanced psychic and channel, multi-dimensional traveler, Cendrine is assisted by her Galactic Team and the Krana Collective, thousands of Light Beings here on a mission to help humans in the ascension process underway.



It is recommended not to drink any alcohol and take any recreational drugs at least 48hrs before the transmission. Avoiding meat is also good. Drink a lot of water on the day of the event. This is to create a clear channel which will allow the Arcturians to work in your energetic field, and allow your body to release toxins and outdated programs with greater ease.


This workshop is not a replacement for therapy sessions with accredited therapists, nor a magical pathway that pretends to heal everything and everyone, bringing millions of dollars in the bank overnight and the rest. This is an offering to view and create life differently, by integrating what our society offers us and the new ways of evolution being channeled as we are experiencing the ascension process.