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  • Do you struggle to connect and trust your intuition?

    Cendrine will be sharing all her intuitive hacks with you, so you can be more in tune with your intuition

  • You are connected to your intuition, but still feel lost at times...

    Learn how to overcome those moments of doubts, so you can stay anchored in your light, in total trust.

  • You experience big ups and downs 

    Learn to navigate your life like a boss, no matter what happens! Be so confident about yourself that the waves of life don't feel so restrictive anymore.

  • You feel you need extra help to overcome some blocks

    Receive effortlessly from Cendrine's Galactic team as she channels cosmic surgery to upgrade your inner compass!

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Facilitated by Cendrine, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel,

Assisted by her Galactic Team the Healing Council of Arcturus, Andromedans Architects and other star races.