Live Event in Auckland, New Zealand

Join Cendrine for a night of Trance Channeling of Arcturians' Healing in Auckland, New Zealand.


The event will be held during a galactic portal opened to help us receive galactic frequencies from the

7th dimension.

This event will bring many shifts within our multidimensional self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Arcturians are the master healers of the galaxy. They work with sounds, sacred geometry, colours and cosmic surgery to help humanity release outdated paradigms so we can anchor ourselves in 5D reality based on Love frequencies.

They can help with anchoring us to our soul star and our galactic family so we can embody a higher reality now.

Each individual will have an Arcturian team working on their energy field during the transmission, and even during the days after, as they will help with the integration process.

This magical evening will be very unique, don't miss out, it's the very first time this level of channeling will happen in Wellington!

A lot will be offered, and especially:

⏃ Coded Transmission with Light Language Activations to clear and recharge our energetic field, as well as coded activations for greater soul alignment and divine purpose.
⏃ Predictions for the New Earth: what is unfolding in the world and where are we heading towards?
⏃ Q&A: ask your questions directly to receive in-depth answers from our galactic friends


Enjoy a life-changing experience with your friends...


It is recommended not to drink any alcohol and take any drugs at least 48hrs before the transmission. Avoiding meat is also good. Drink a lot of water on the day of the event. This is to create a clear channel which will allow the Arcturians to work in your energetic field during the evening and the next couple of days.

Book now to save your seat!

Investment: $150 pp


@ Aio Wira Retreat Center, 8 Aio Wira Road, Waitakere, Auckland 0653

Facilitated by Cendrine, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel,

Assisted by her Galactic Team the Healing Council of Arcturus