The 1:1 audio channeling to anchor you in your unique soul blue-print as we transition into the year 2021.

Unique and powerful gateways are here to help us shift outdated perceptions of ourselves, so we can understand more consciously what our unique soul-print is and what our purpose on this earth is.


These gateways (12/21 and 21/12 + 31/12) are special portals inviting individuals to understand themselves more, so they can anchor in more light and more love on planet earth.


⨀ How can we anchor our light now in a volatile world?


⨀ How can we trust our unique path?


⨀ How can we ground ourselves even more in our highest identity?


⨀ What do these portals mean on a personal, individual level?


This unique offer, the channeled gateways activation, is being offered now to help souls gain momentum in this accelerated vortex of evolution that humanity is experiencing.

With this unique offer, you will receive your 1:1 channeled gateways activation:

  • Audio format so you can easily listen to it over and over again!          

  • Soul blue-print activation with light language transmission

  • Individual predictions for the next 2 months, leading to the beginning of the year 2021

  • Recoding of your multidimensional self through quantum alchemy channeled from the Arcturians

    This is a unique and powerful opportunity to create the blue-print of the year 2021.


    As we wire ourselves to the path of spiritual evolution now, we call in our highest identity and highest timeline available at this very moment of creation.


    15 to 20 minutes audio recording, especially for you!


    Now only $120 NZD

    Or 6 weekly payments of $20 NZD each!


    The audio recording will be sent to your email address within maximum 7 days after your purchase

    (doesn't include weekends).



    If you feel called to give to your loved ones, this is an amazing personalised gift, perfect for the holiday season!


    You can choose to purchase up to 5 individual sessions.


    Simply send Cendrine the full name of the person you are giving this special activation to, so she can tune into her/his unique soul blue-print and timelines available!

    Facilitated by Cendrine, Ascension Mentor, Quantum Alchemist and Trance Channel,

    Assisted by her Galactic Team and Earth team,

    Serving the Light for the evolution of humanity.