Join Cendrine for a session of

Trance Channelling with the 9D Arcturians!


Cendrine trance channels MLK, head of the Healing Council of a unique collective called Krana.

She also works with the other members of this collective, such as Andromedans, Blue Avians, Sirians, Pleaidians and the Archangels.


This session is for the dedicated Light Workers who are ready to step into their power and quantum jump in a new reality often inaccessible in current 3D linearity.

If you feel called to find greater soul alignment so you can anchor your soul mission to a new level, join Cendrine and the Arcturians for a private group session!


These group sessions are for people who wish to receive with their partner or their friends.


It is also for people who are part of containers of light workers, so the group can experience massive shifts as a collective.


During these group sessions, each participant can ask questions. Please be mindful that if you are part of a big group, the 3 hour session might not allocate everyone a question. You can contatc Cendrine directly on to discuss your particular needs.



The session happens on ZOOM, unless arranged otherwise.

What can we expect to experience during a session? 


The Arcturians work to create an upgraded 

5D vertical axis in alignment with the evolution process happening on Earth.


There is a collapse of outdated timelines that no longer serve us and our soul mission. We are being unhooked from enslavement templates and other templates preventing us from residing fully within the heart portal. We also are anchored in templates of ease, flow, love, grace and service, as well as what we individually need. This way, we feel more abundant in our lives, a sense of new freedom is found and new possibilities and creations can flow in!


Our base is fully reconnected, helping us retrieve ancient codes and DNA strands, as well as access greater connection to our Kundalini energy.

Our connection to the realms above are enhanced for greater clarity about our soul mission and our star race systems. We feel more grounded, at home on Earth, and also more open to the galactic realms.


The Arcturians also consistently work on the horizontal line, removing traumas and blocks from the past, helping us step fully into a highest timeline, a brightest future. We stop carrying heavy burdens on our shoulders, we can let go and move on with greater ease.


There is deep recoding in our systems and it allows life force energy to integrate our grids to a higher level. After that, we feel vibrant, fully awake!


The Arcturians work with sounds, sacred geometry, colours, cosmic surgery and vibrations being channeled by Cendrine, in a Trance state.


Depending on our soul's origin, other races might also come to bring healing and knowledge.


Here are some examples of what could be worked on:





Increase in Life Force Energy


Brain optimisation with neurons activations and new neuropathways created


Healing of DNA by deprogramming and reprogramming


Bringing new DNA strands within the body


Healing traumas in the body resulting from past accidents and illnesses


Increase auditive and visual ranges


Increase energy levels 


Increase immunity


Stabilise the nervous system


Detoxification of the body


Full activation of the pineal gland





Clarity of Mind


Clear life purpose


Removal of toxic thoughts patterns


Access to new brain functions, increasing intelligence and creativity


Brain upgrades, enabling the access to new frequencies and also to block out negative ones


​Deep understanding of thoughts patterns


​Renewed interests for spiritual and personal growth





Removal of trapped emotions


Inner child healing


Ancestors traumas healing


Past-lives traumas healing


Enhancing brain functions leading to healthy hormones structures and then healthy emotional range


Healing of stress and anxiety 


Better understanding of the emotional process


Physical healing consequent to emotional clearing and healing





Full activation of the cosmic heart


Full magnetic activation within the Self and the Earth's grids


Full activation of psychic abilities


Full activation of telepathy


Full activations of future ascended self templates


Access to highest timeline templates, grids and codes


Better understanding of the Souls' mission


Calling in Soul mates and Soul Tribes


​Accessing ancient civilisations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt.


Accessing and Channelling of other Galactic federations such as Pleiadians.


​Working with mystical animals and archetypes, such as dragons, mermaids, Goddesses and Gods.

These are just examples to show you the extend of the Arcturians skills

and how deeply life-changing a session with them is.

All of the above might or might not be included in a session...

It depends of your current situation, your needs and your soul alignment.


Group Session

(between 2 and 5 participants)

- 3 hours -

- 2000 NZD -


Includes for each participants:


- An email sent to prepare for the session

- One hour Anchoring, Clearing and Upgrading done behind the scene prior to the live session.

- A 2hrs Live Session on Zoom

- A 2 parts video to help integrate the session fully

- The recording of the session 


​Please note that each participant can stay in the comfort of their home to attend the 2hrs Live session, 

facilitated on Zoom. 


 ▹​ Space is created for you to ask some questions


▹ The Arcturians will often bring in predictions, accessing telepathically to the questions arising within your field



A Group Session is even more mind blowing, when we know that

each participants will receive all the activated codes from all the people included in the session! 


The Arcturians will guide transmutations of the morphic fields by directly accessing each person's activated systems (gifts, DNA, talents etc),

helping others activate them within their field!


The Group session, is a powerful container acting as an amplifier of frequencies. Each participants will receive according to their own capacity at the moment of the session.


Through Quantum Entanglement, any upgrades received by a participant during their lifetime will also affect the others, creating a ripple effect for faster and easer Ascension!


- This is the next level spiritual journey to be experienced with your friends! -


Shannon Rose, Multidimensional Channel and Mentor

Melissa Garrity, Neuropuncturist, Naturopath and Quantum Business Coach

Libby Wallace, Galactic Business Coach and Shamanic practitioner 


Thank you for such a transformative healing session!

Your channeling truly helped me clear my energy fields and align with higher vibrations. I'm also tuned into my Blue Avian guides.

I have always "known" the one Blue Avian that has been my protector and guide since before this lifetime, and it was so amazing to feel her loving energy...

I'm in awe and have so much gratitude for your channeling with your Arcturian friends. I feel completely changed and fully connected with my main life purpose.

Thank you for helping me find the way!


- Stephanie -


Thank you Cendrine for the wisdom you were able to access above and beyond, for me and my life's mission here on Papatūānuku.

The session went so fast It was was like having a deep deep meditation and coming out of it aligned, clear and fully AWAKE!

I'm still feeling the internal shifts 24 hours later and I know this cleansing will occur over the next few days, so I'm able to step up and into my higher purpose.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for it all! For holding space, for being a light worker, for sharing the wisdom and for confirming the true potential I know I have to serve at the deepest level!

Ngā mihi e hoa


- Jase -


Wow!!! Cendrine is amazing, her channelling is so clear and so deep. Life will never be the same after a session with Cendrine.

I am already experiencing change and shifts happening in my life. Deep healing, deep connection with my soul.

If you are wanting to shift and bring all that you are into this beautiful world, I highly recommend booking a session with Cendrine.

Thank you Anok, Cendrine and the Arcturian healing team. So much gratitude to you beautiful galactic beings


- Kristi -

Thank you for the wonderful Trance Channeling session Cendrine with the Arcturian Anok and healing team.

I felt lots of vibrations and frequencies moving through my body at times during the session that made me suddenly shiver for calibrations and yawn lots for releasing.

For me these are both signs that so much is happening through my energy field. It was really interesting also to gather information from my starseed connection.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

So much love and light from one light leader to another ! ! !


- Mary Jo -

Full Payment is required at the time of the booking 

24hrs cancellation policy applies, no refund after that.

If you need to change your appointment, email me please!

If we can't find a suitable time for the session, full refund will be made.