Quantum Technology

with channeled activation




What is "Quantum Technology", and why is it truly life changing to learn about it?


Within the quantum world reside an infinite amount of frequencies that are there to help us recode our reality, co-create with advanced star races and earth elementals and literally change our every day lives.


May you receive this masterclass with playfulness, curiosity and gratitude, as this special gift coming your way will recode you with imagination, dreams, manifestation, magic, wizard codes, healer, alchemist and accelerate your evolution!


  • Understand what quantum technology is and how to access it.

  • As you grow in confidence and playfulness, you will be able to download very unique ways to use this tool.

  • Elevate your frequencies by recoding your reality yourself, after receiving this unique gift!

  • Increase your connection to your unique soul blueprint by accessing the world of quantum technology. This will open up your consciousness and increase your ability to heal, alchemise, channel and create!


    What students say about this Masterclass:


    "Wow love my new magical wand!


    I watched this video today and in my next meditation the wand already came up and we co-created amazing things together!


    Thank you Cendrine, you are awesome!"


    - Boukje -


    "This was so powerful for me this activation.

    It’s like my wand was upgraded and I fully was able to receive its support and guidance (my own support and guidance).

    I anchored quantum tools on an extra level today like the embodiment of it was felt on all levels and the healing was so powerful!


    Yay thank you"


    - Lauren -





    Unlike anything I've experienced before! 

    I loved seeing the hologram of myself - such a fun experience!


    Thank you"


    Megan -

    "This is fabulous information.

    Thank you!


    The channeled downloads of quantum technologies from my Galactic team are a game changer!


    I'm so happy to have this new technique to use from now on!"



    - Jenny -

    This masterclass is part of Fractal Recoding, a home-immersion, that happens in a private FB group regularly.

    The content of this home immersion is:

    Day 1: Activate your multidimensionality


    Day 2: Emotional Alchemy


    Day 3: Quantum Technologies


    Day 4: Divine Leadership


    Facilitated by Cendrine, Ascension Mentor, Quantum Healer and Trance Channel,

    Assisted by her Gaiactic team: earth team and galactic team, working for the evolution of humanity.