How can we create a new life while still experiencing the same things, every single day?


How can we anchor abundance when our bank account and job doesn't change, but yet, we feel that this path is there for us?


How can we find the courage to make decisions to change some aspects of our lives, therefore facing our fears and blocks that have been there nearly all our lives?


Fractal energetics is a new body of work channeled by Cendrine and it completely revolutionises the templates of our lives!


This is NEW, this UNIQUE and this is for the ones here to become conscious creators of their reality!


This is for the ones who are ready to leave behind outdated ways of being, by trusting in the infinite power of their soul to become the engine of their expansion.




This event is for souls who are willing to step up in their human life, by taking aligned actions based on their inner intuitive guidance.



We are here to have a great time on planet Earth, with the ones we love!


We are here to evolve and live our lives now, free from what has been blocking us for far too long.


We are here to learn our own infinite power and strength.


All of these templates are amplified through Quantum Work. 


In this free three day event, Cendrine will teach attendees to become empowered, divine souls living their best life now!

Codex Inclusions:

Day 1 - Belief Generator: How can we generate beliefs systems that will help us anchor a new reality now, and maintain them no matter what?

Day 2 - Fear Portal: What are our fears taken from the angle of 5D frequencies? How can we consciously use them as a portal to accelerate our evolution and create a better life?

Day 3 - Neo-Human Anchors: What is the neo-human template and how can we create conscious anchors to access those qualities now?



⨀ 3 videos with content delivery, some exercises shared to help with the embodiment of the codes, and some quantum coaching.

⨀ Embrace your "Quantum Geek", grab a pen and paper to write down the keys and formulas and do the practical exercises!

⨀ LIFETIME ACCESS, so you can watch the videos as often as you'd like and therefore receive more codes!




Why is this free event offered now?

About a year ago, the world shifted radically and many of us started experiencing unpredictability, fears and limitations to levels that we had never experienced before. Many of us still feel that the world is changing, yet, our societies are looking more shattered and unstable than ever before.


We are shifting, yet, we don't know how to actually create a new world, safer communities and systems and simply stay happy in our lives, no matter what.

More than ever, us humans, realise that our inner resources are our highest currency.


"Be powerful and strong, yet fluid and trusting and life will also reflect those qualities."

What if that was more easily accessed than you think?



Cendrine has shifted at the speed of light after many years of deep work, and knows many amazing formulas to create a better life.

She is receiving a NEW body of work, that she channels from our spiritual friends, that contains advanced techniques to anchor the neo-human templates, AKA, the next stage of human evolution.


She offers a lot through her online courses and Quantum University, but she does see that much more is needed to be shared with the world.


This is her mission, this is her journey, and she has been directed by her team to reach millions of souls across the planet through free events and transmissions. This is why this event has been birthed to life, so you can receive these formulas now, create and anchor a happy life, and therefore be there for the ones you love.

Are you ready to anchor in a new reality?

Then save your seat now!

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This workshop will was facilitated during three live broadcasts.


To anchor the codes and help with integration after the event, receiving this coded content with a friend is absolutely wonderful! It helps to bring us back in the event's vortex and stabilise in the new frequencies with greater ease.


You can now receive these Quantum keys and formulas from anywhere in the world and experience the transformational power of this body of work in your every day life.


It is recommended not to drink any alcohol and take any recreational drugs at least 48hrs before the transmission. Avoiding meat is also good. Drink a lot of water on the day of the event. This is to create a clear channel which will allow the Arcturians to work in your energetic field, and allow your body to release toxins and outdated programs with greater ease.


This event is not a replacement for therapy sessions with accredited therapists, nor a magical pathway that pretends to heal everything and everyone, bring millions of dollars in the bank overnight and the rest. This is an offering to view and create life differently, by integrating what our society offers us and new ways of evolution. 

Facilitated by Cendrine, Founder of Fractal Alchemy,

5D Quantum University, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel.


Advanced psychic and channel, multi-dimensional traveler, Cendrine is assisted by her Galactic Team and the Krana Collective made up of thousands of Light Beings here on a mission to help humans in the ascension process.