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✩ Soul Mission

✩ Definitions

✩ Prerequisites

✩ The Inner Ritual 




✩ The Pineal Gland

✩ The Three Minds

✩ Interoception


With Arcturians Activations & Light Language




✩ Clairsentience

✩ Clairvoyance

✩ Clairaudience

✩ Claircognizance


With Arcturians Activations & Light Language



✩ Healing in our environment

✩ Healing in our 4 human planes

✩ Healing our past horizontal line (past-lives, ancestors, inner child)


With Arcturians Activations & Light Language




✩ Vertical Axis Below (Earthling codes reactivations, Lemurian and Atlantean Remembrance)

✩ Vertical Axis Above (Collective Consciousness access, Star Seed connection)

✩ Highest Identity and Highest Timeline Integration

✩ Codes and Activations

✩ Crystal clear Soul Mission


With Arcturians Activations & Light Language


What students of the course say about it:


  • You're sceptic about the fact that you are intuitive at all

    ➣ YES, you are! We are ALL born intuitive, we just need to learn, I'm there for you!

  • You have already learned about intuition, really, will this course bring more to the table?

    ➣ YES, it will! It is a comprehensive course that includes unique Arcturians Activations!

  • You know that you have gifts but have no idea how to control them and use them, is it going to work for you at all?

    ➣ YES, it will! This is the purpose of this course! To teach you how to master your gifts and amplify them so you connect to your Soul Mission!

Testimonial from Melissa Garitty, Director Neuromedtec


Dearest Cendrine,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this course, even though I am not through yet with it.

The information and activations are so valuable and exactly what I was looking for, including the titles of the subjects I haven't gotten to yet.

The whole thing is even better than expected, and I was pretty excited to start with.


- Jade -


Thanks Cendrine,

I loved your course and have been repeating the content and the activations.

I found it hugely beneficial and feeling the effects almost daily.

I have left old belief systems behind me and it has supported me stepping into my dream life. 

I am right on track I think even though everything is fairly unknown. I am just letting my intuition guide me. 


- Sarah -

"It was my first time that I encounter the Arcturians. The are so unlike what I imagined to be. I expected them to be serious and wise (like how I will describe an old and wise man), but they are so lively, hyper, energetic, funny and very wise! I recalled during the transmission that I had a (unfounded) fear that sharing the transmission with the collective will deplete my energy, and it seemed like the Arcturians can sense this and started explaining in depth that it will not affect our personal energy as long as we have clear protection spaces. I love how they are so optimistic and helpful in wanting us to connect with them to help with the New Earth Ascension. I love their energies and I want to connect more with them! Thank you Cendrine for opening my eyes (and 3rd eye) and bridging the Arcturians closer to us! "


- Lester -


Cendrine is an amazing teacher that teacher from a very authentic place and has so much experience and wisdom to offer.


I really enjoyed the first part of the Mastermind where we learned fascinating information about the Pineal Gland. It was delivered in a very clear and easy to understand way. I really resonated with Cendrine at the healing affects simple breathing exercises that I have been practicing for years and always knew they felt good and purifying, but so interesting and intriguing to hear of the detailed scientific benefits. This beautiful flowed into the activation which was delivered in a very safe and nurturing space and was so appreciative of this been offered so generously by Cendrine. I felt a real shift within and unfolding a little like peeling back the layers of an onion and a deeper connection to the universe and spiritual guides/world.


- Lisa -

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I enjoy listening to your voice, it is uplifting and refreshing to hear. The activation was a huge surprise! I felt it all over my body!! I could feel it in my head, my crown chakra!! It was AMAZING!!

Seeing other people who channel I can say I am more drawn to your style and presentation more so than the others I have seen. You have a down-home relatable style that I love.


- Carol -

"Heartfelt thanks for your powerful Pineal Gland Recoding lesson. I experienced the joy, excitement, enthusiasm and power of you and the Arcturian beings you channeled, as well as the Arcturians you brought in around us, and a powerful activation and opening in my Pineal Gland with strong energy pulsing through all areas of my body in bliss, such as I have never felt before. Beautiful. I was honoured to be with you all."


- Pauline -