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Fractal energetics is a new body of work channeled by Cendrine and it completely revolutionarizes the templates of lives!


This is NEW, this UNIQUE, this is for the ones here to become conscious creators of their reality!


This is for the ones who are ready to leave behind outdated ways of slowly evolving, by trusting in the infinite power of their souls to become the engine of their expansion.

As we’re taking the transition into higher expressions and higher dimensions of reality, we need to shift from old paradigms into the new. 


This means that old hooks of feeling stuck, blocked and unsure how to shift keep us looping in old realities and makes it challenging to anchor into higher states of consciousness.


Rather than endlessly seeking healing, poking at the past to only find more to purge in an endless loop, we are being presented with a new architecture of spiritual evolution that helps us to evolve at quantum speed. 


We get to break free from the old and intentionally create our lives full of joy, abundance and flow.


The clarity of the content shared is crystalline, precise, deep and also very easy to understand. As we receive this content, it is like having many veils being lifted from our heart and mind. This is because the codes shared are very high frequencies and that they land directly within our deepest core, our soul, resonating in unity consciousness with who we truly are, beyond time and space.


One of the most potent features of this mode of shifting, is that we receive many activations, cosmic surgeries and energetic shifts from our beloved Galactic friends, who co-create closely with us, for the purpose of anchoring our soul mission on this planet.


Our spiritual friends will be there, more than ever, during this event. We will also most likely receive new friends of higher frequencies, as we will be shifting in a new reality and higher identity.


If you’re feeling called to step into a higher timeline for yourself, one where you get to be the master creator of your reality,

where you’re activated into more light and your soul is anchored deep into your physical vessel, this event is for you.


If you are ready to surrender into the depth of your inner being and co-create with your galactic family, follow your heart's calling and join us on this journey, now is the time!


The heart is the seat of our souls and brings up the seeds of our desires up to our awareness when we are ready to quantum leap into new, higher frequencies! Our humans need to trust 100% and follow this heart's desire. This is how we collapse realities and anchor a beautiful life for ourselves and the children of tomorrow.



Together, we will:

⨀ Learn the principles of Fractal Energetics that is the foundation of a soul-based life. This shifts the paradigms of healing to help us alchemise our reality much faster instead of staying stuck in endless loops.


⨀ Learn the foundational principles of co-creation with advanced civilization and God Source.


⨀ Learn about some of the new terms used in many of Cendrine's transmissions, and in quantum teachings, so you can start your accelerated journey of evolution with these powerful tools, therefore quickly grabbing the depth of Cendrine's teachings. For example: keys, key codes, formulas, algorithms, fractal reflections, quantum resonance, quantum coherence, neo-humans, templates, portals, and more!


⨀ Learn about pathways of evolution and how we shift from one timeline to another, consciously transcending a reality that no longer serves us.


⨀ Understand the four primal codes that are the foundation of life so you can stay aligned to your soul in all situations and quickly access new levels of Love, Abundance, Freedom and Connection.


⨀ Shift your perspectives of reality in a way that allows the integration of your experiences within your unique spiritual pathway of evolution. You live your life in your own unique ways. Now is the time to shine bright, unapologetically!


⨀ Understand the differences between our greater soul's purpose and its four 'mission pillars', so you can start activating them more deeply now. Now is the time to activate your mission 1 and 2!


⨀ Receive potent formulas containing Quantum algorithms and 5D frequencies that will help you deal with life from the templates of higher dimensions, allowing you to stay anchored in Love no matter what.



These teachings are powerful and help us enjoy our human life more than ever, so we don't feel disconnected from our life, but rather more integrated and more powerful than ever.


The architecture of life explained through Quantum Energetics is both simple to understand and very profound.


These are NEW teachings, never taught before by anyone.


This is one potent way to embrace and to ground your awakening in solid foundations, so you can continue your spiritual journey with more confidence and knowledge.

We are here to have a great time on planet Earth, with the ones we love!


We are here to evolve and ascend in the 5th Dimension where we live our lives based on the frequencies of Love, Abundance, Freedom and Connection.


We are here to learn our own infinite power and strength.


All of these templates are amplified through Fractal Energetics. 


Cendrine will teach attendees to become empowered, divine souls all the ropes of this potent channeled body of work, received from Source.

Codex Inclusions:

⨀ The foundations of Fractal Energetics

⨀ The templates of the neo-human

⨀ The four primal codes of life

⨀ Understanding quantum terminology

⨀ Foundational quantum mechanics of shifting timelines

⨀ The structures of our soul and our physical reality 

⨀ The structures of our soul's purpose and its four 'mission pillars'

⨀ Foundational principles of co-creation with advanced civilizations and God Source


+ Quantum grid and work done behind the scenes by Cendrine, one week prior to the workshop

+ Integration grid for 3 months after the event

(done behind-the-scenes by Cendrine and in a private FB group)


⨀ Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of January 2022

⨀ From 10 am to 5 pm with a one-hour break 

⨀ Happening LIVE ONLINE using ZOOM

⨀ A workbook including Quantum Visual Activators

⨀ The recordings of the workshop with LIFETIME ACCESS

⨀ A Private FB group support for 3 months after the event

I took Cendrine's workshop, Fractal Energetics Foundations, and I deeply loved it. 

She is a teacher with an amazing ability to explain highly complicated information with great ease.

She is a translator of the soul. In this event, among many things, I was led to identify my soul's  personal codes and 

I am already accessing them consciously and bringing them into my everyday interactions, choices and into my business,

to make it a heart centered business.    

I got clarity  on how 4D works and on how to build the bridge between 5D and 3D,  a new world  perspective has opened up for  me.

Marianna Valero

I had several moments of doubt before signing up for the course; these were largely fears of losing connections with friends and people around me as I shifted and "leave them behind'. 

I loved Cendrine's way of teaching as it was a scientific and practical approach to living true to our values and being a leader for others.

Cara Di Vitto

Cendrine was able to provide another deeper layer to what I already knew about the field of quantum energetics. It really helped me to understand and process it like never before. The unified field and quantum resonance sections were my biggest ‘aha’ moments.

I truly felt held and supported energetically throughout the whole two days.

Leanne Grothe

I had been following Cendrine's teachings mostly on YouTube and loved her way of explaining deep spiritual concepts with crystal clear clarity.

I'm so grateful that I got to participate in this 2-day event as it has helped me a lot in understanding more about myself and my mission. I now have more knowledge and courage to create the next chapter of my professional life!

Eri Takea

Save your seat now!


Facilitated by Cendrine, Founder of Fractal Alchemy,

5D Quantum University, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel.


Advanced psychic and channel, multi-dimensional traveler, Cendrine is assisted by her Galactic Team and the Krana Collective, thousands of Light Beings here on a mission to help humans in the ascension process underway.



It is recommended not to drink any alcohol and take any recreational drugs at least 48hrs before the transmission. Avoiding meat is also good. Drink a lot of water on the day of the event. This is to create a clear channel which will allow the Arcturians to work in your energetic field, and allow your body to release toxins and outdated programs with greater ease.


This workshop is not a replacement for therapy sessions with accredited therapists, nor a magical pathway that pretends to heal everything and everyone, bringing millions of dollars in the bank overnight and the rest. This is an offering to view and create life differently, by integrating what our society offers us and the new ways of evolution being channeled as we are experiencing the ascension process.