Fractal Shifts

Here are some of the codes shared in this online course:


"You are such a Great Teacher.

You prove your Humility for you have received.

You give us so much self-confidence!

You are a Real Teacher through showing us your own joys, evolution, friendship and gratitude whenever you speak of our galactic friends.

You have changed my life.

Thank you so much for BEING."


- Emily -

Course Content

 This is Quantum Healing and Alchemy to shift the self,

working within the microcosm to the macrocosm. 



⨀ Learn how to heal and recode the heart portal. 

What are the 4 chambers of the heart, how can we heal our wounded heart and connect it back to unconditional love?


⨀ Receive life-changing information about the creation of your soul, the first 12 codes of your unique soul blueprint, and a cosmic heart.


⨀ Learn how to use the powerful key code for heart portal expansion!

Bonus: Divine Union Template



⨀ Fractal Reflections: what is it and how does it help us completely shift our perspective on our emotions and experiences? Learn this new architecture of life channeled by Cendrine. 


⨀ Learn how this concept teaches how to heal and alchemise emotions, heal the physical body, shift timelines and more!


⨀ Be prepared to have your mind blown away by the depth and the simplicity of these concepts, as you become more confident about your own abilities to heal and alchemise your reality effectively and much faster than with any other techniques!



⨀ We enter the realms of physicality, learning how to heal and alchemise the self and our relationships with our family members and friends.

As we understand the greater purpose of our physicality, we can embody our highest identity now, therefore anchoring ourselves to a higher timeline.


⨀ To be able to fulfil our purpose, we must embody the highest frequencies available to us at each moment. This is how we become powerful manifestors!


⨀ This module also teaches how to work with past-lives, inner child and ancestors' programs.



⨀ Learn own to travel to your very own quantum space, where you receive information about yourself on a profound new level.


⨀ From there, we start travelling to 4 different star races to visit their unique pods, learn how they each work, and receive powerful activations and transmissions from them.


⨀ This is pure quantum co-creation, allowing us to accelerate our evolution by resetting our systems and opening ourselves up to new frequencies! It allows us to expand our connection to alternate realities and other star races, empowering us to channel at a deeper level.


⨀ Working with different quantum structures, learn to create a solid foundation for your spiritual growth. These techniques become the 'go to' when we need to understand where we are at right now, and how a certain project or a certain person influences our current reality.


⨀ This module increases intuition, trust and clarity, and sets the foundations for our healing journey.


⨀ As we dive into the world of archetypes, we enter the limitless possibilities of creator, alchemist and magician codes!


⨀ This module is anchoring advanced technologies from other star races in our quantum reality, so we can embody our unique blueprint and activate new codes.


⨀ We learn how to receive and activate unique gifts, so we can increase our psychic abilities and trust our experiences in the quantum.

This might bring remembrance of alternate lives, allowing us to start quantum jumping timelines by activations of quantum technologies!


⨀ This is fun, powerful and playful, an unlimited resources opening up to us!


What the students of the course say about it:


"This is so timely as I have been oscillating up and down and now I understand what is happening and am able to anchor myself easier in my heart centre .

This module's learning has explained so much to me and now I feel a much deeper understanding of what I am experiencing.

Thank you Thank you Cendrine!" 


- Kristy -


"Wow!!! Listening to the teaching video I have been overcome with a wave I have never experienced.

I feel I have just received Andromedan channeling. I have seen through my daughters eyes and had an activation in deep cellular flow.


I feel they are here. I have a totally new perspective and energetic feeling.

I am so deeply relaxed and tranquil.

Thank you so much"


- Emily -


"Wow thank-you Cendrine. The energy felt very galactic and crystalline and I received information about how to more fully anchor myself in my highest timeline - downloads about disconnecting from the dominant cultural influences regarding success and stepping into my own unique pathway to happiness.

Removing fears around being 'different' and instead feeling empowered to be myself. Stepping away from insecurities about needing to fit in and instead trusting that I will attract others who resonate with me."


- Jane -



"This is material I will return to again and again for the unfolding wisdom contained within it.


- Rachael - 


"I loved this Cendrine. The excitement of spending time with my Pleiadian family, resting and relaxing, surrendering in the water, the noticing the heaviness in my feet and hands when I returned to my present reality.



- Pauline -



"I love this it’s so relaxing and I really felt the presence of my family. The healing from that motion is so powerful I wanted to stay a little longer. Love love love"


- Lauren - 

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