"How to live Happily Ever After"

* Even if you don't believe in fairy-tales *

An e-book for the modern human who simply wants some more doses of happiness...

"Are you ready to shift your reality?"

Life can feel down right dull right?...

  • Have you lost your mojo, not really knowing where it's gone and why?
  • Does your sense of 'being happy' oscillate between 'below zero' and 'not too bad', never reaching the peak of 'amazingly happy'?
  • Do you wonder how to be happy when life keeps on being so challenging (really - when is it going to stop)?
  • Do you want to move to an other planet where people do actually care about each other and the environment ?
  • Do you wonder how others can seem so happy; what's their secret - or wait, maybe they are just faking it?

But what if you could handle life like

the Fairy Godmother?

  • You would know the practical  'super powers' that humans have to bring some spark into life daily,
  • You would believe in your own abilities to find happiness, no matter the challenges that life keeps throwing at you.
  • You would be able to feel the joy within you, filling up your tank of happiness to the max, so your peak of 'amazingly happy' would be within reach - often.
  • You would learn to deal with worldly news with more detachment, keeping your mojo going.
  • You would see your life getting better and better every day, just because you have the tools to feel happier and happier every day.
  • You would be happy and know how to keep your happiness going 'forever after'.


Let me help you find your mojo...

And I'll show you how you can keep it going...

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"How to live Happily Ever After"

* Even if you don't believe in fairy-tales *

And you know what's actually the coolest thing about this e-book?

It's down-to-earth !

Happiness is already here, you just need to find where it's hiding...

And no need for a magic wand for that; because your superpower is YOU!

You will just gobble up this e-book, literally, because what's in is :



straight to the point

 +++ It contains a part for self-reflection


Lots of references and links to broaden your horizons +++

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