Galactic Realms


Calling in the next generation of humans, ready to understand their connections to the stars and advanced star races.


We are the ones leading the ascension wave on the planet. Are you ready to join us?


We need to understand our unique missions and how to consciously co-create with the galactic realms, so we can lead a team of benevolent beings, here to uplift humanity in the 5th dimension.


As we reclaim our multidimensionality and our infinite divine powers, we can step up fully as the leaders of the new earth. We enter the vortex of our accelerated evolution, by understanding deeply time and space travel and the unique frequencies of each of our beloved star families.


We are now calling the ones who know that they are here for a reason and who know that their journey is taking them to reconnect with the galactic realms.


Is this journey for you?

Will you hold the keys that open the doors to star systems, allowing waves of crystalline light frequencies to shift your reality and humanity forever?


The time has come. Are you ready to shift?


In this online program, we train Light Leaders to channel, integrate and embody conscious multidimensionality in physicality.


This will amplify students' creative vortex, recode their soul blueprint and magnify their soul purpose. Students will amplify their charisma, magnetism and presence, to forever change their industries' templates.


The students are taken on many journeys through the quantum in 5 different star systems, where they will meet their new team leaders. These new leaders will become the heads of their galactic team, therefore anchoring new high frequency timelines.


Codes about soul purpose and mission pillars, and how to anchor those templates in reality, will help students to become empowered leaders in their own field of operation.

This online program is fully co-created with

five of our star families:

As a student, you will receive a coded visual activator that includes each of these images, created by Jessica Tumminello from @light_being_codes

From the Pleiadians, learn about creating the communities of the new-earth. What is your unique role and what wisdom do you already have within you about the societies of the new earth? The Pleiadians also teach us how to find energetic portals on earth, so you can activate them and help the earth in her ascension. Activations will open up your heart portal and connection to humanity.

From the Andromedans, we learn about our connection with our planet and the environment, as well as the way we communicate telepathically with all life forms. Learn about architecture and structures so you can start perceiving sacred geometry in your own unique way. Activations will increase your telepathy and psychic abilities.

From the Arcturians, learn about the unique sound of your soul and how it helps you navigate through life. A journey in a crystal maze will show you what your deepest fears are and how to alchemize them. It is a potent self-empowering soul journey that you can repeat at any time to find the gifts, the keys, present in your sometimes challenging reality.

From the Sirians, learn about your own story through multidimensional time and space realities and completely recode yourself as you absorb the Sirian activations in your whole being. This will anchor you in a new, higher identity and will blast you with extraordinarily high frequencies!

From the Blue Avians, receive potent codes of unity consciousness and activations of avatar transmutation, so you can hold more crystaline light within and perceive your reality from a higher perspective. Their wisdom is totally unique and the messages that they carry often bring tears to our eyes as they are of the purest love ever felt before.

In this online program, you will...

- Receive quantum keys that anchor your confidence and maturity in the way you embrace your galactic journeys. You will be able to visit different star systems and receive information about your soul and soul missions.


- Deepen your understanding of what channeling really is and how to focus on the frequencies that are the most aligned to you. We only work with galactic beings that are here to help us anchor our mission. How can we do that? What is the level of clarity and self-empowerment needed to be this precise and skilled?


- Learn how to receive and activate your unique quantum space, so you are always safe and powerful in your galactic journey. This is a highly coded space that is your 'new home'. There, you will feel confident to explore other connections with star races, to receive information about your path and so much more!


- Learn how to communicate from the heart with advanced star races, from a place of full sovereignty, so you become the leader of your team and can reclaim your codes of strength, power, humility and soul connections.


- Start understanding what it means to 'serve' from the many angles that our star races experience this code themselves. We each have different ways to serve, and being able to understand our unique soul blueprint and connections with different star races allows us to step fully into your leadership on this planet. Now is the time for light leaders to rise up and serve! Learn more about how 'uniquely you' you can be on this path!


- Learn how to use the earth and integration chambers so you can embody all the galactic frequencies and codes received from high galactic frequencies with much greater ease. Learn the power of channeling the earth and co-creating with earth elementals, as you welcome them into your unique team! This will tremendously balance out your energy and reconnect you to the 'life of an earthling' in a much deeper and more fantastic way!


- Learn the differences between soul purpose and soul mission pillars. How does this distinction help you to start activating your new timeline of service now? Learn how your new galactic team helps you anchor this reality and how to consciously and consistently co-create with them.


- Learn how to connect with your soul tribe in the quantum, so you can see all the people that you are here to serve, talk to them, receive information about what they need right now from you, call them in your vortex and much more. This will increase your sense of service and purpose on this planet, as well as accelerate the manifestation of your highest timeline.


- Learn about the differences between portals, gateways and stargates, so you can harness the power of the stars and co-create in harmony with the quantum dynamics of our universe.


- Receive a potent initiation and quantum keys to manifest a powerful connection with your new team and kick start your mission now!

Content Essence


The content shared is channeled directly from Source.

It is received by a collective of advanced star races working with Cendrine as their human representative.


The content is coded from the highest level of frequencies available on earth at the moment. Each Light Leader will receive many profound transmutations simply by receiving those teachings.


Then, each student will alchemise those frequencies within their unique soul frequency, therefore coding this new body of work in their own unique ways.


This will allow each student to transmit this high-frequency content through their own gifts and talents, anchored in their soul's purpose, to serve their own students and clients.


The Light Leaders called to join this program know that they are some powerful, devoted souls, who came to bridge the ancient ways of experiencing reality and the New Earth frequencies anchored in 5D and beyond.


Together, they are paving the way for many generations to come, quantum jumping realities for all the children of tomorrow, who will come in a reality anchored in Love, Connection, Freedom and Abundance.


The trance channeling group sessions, facilitated to receive direct access to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light, will fast-track the embodiment of each of the light leaders’ unique soul blueprint and collapse timelines.


As all fractals are called back to work together now, alchemy is achieved through

time and space weaving.


The Light Leaders step with devotion in their unique purpose, healing the collective, uplifting Earth's frequencies, opening up the stellar gateways.

Content Description


In this lesson you will find:


- Foundations of channeling

- Activation to increase your channeling abilities

- Receive upgrades with Alex M.

- Recorded coaching and additional information


5 Star races - quantum travels and activation of leadership team

In this lesson you will find: 


- Key code activation

- Galactic journey with the Pleiadians

- Galactic journey with the Andromedans

- Galactic journey with the Arcturians

- Galactic journey with the Sirians

- Galactic journey with the Blue Avians


Your unique quantum space

In this lesson you will find:


- Find your own unique quantum space

- Activate your own unique quantum space

Earth integration 

In this lesson you will find:


- Earth integration chamber

- Exclusive sound healing journey

- Earth elementals activation

- Additional resources

Your galactic team activation

In this lesson you will receive:


- Galactic team activation with your whole new team of Leaders of 5 advanced star races and more!

Soul mission 

In this lesson you will find:


- The four mission pillars

- Soul mission pillars activation

- Recorded quantum coaching

Soul tribe

In this lesson you will find:


- Soul tribe activation

- Recorded quantum coaching 

- Homework

Portals and star gates

In this lesson you will find:


- Portals, stargate and gateways

- Activation

- Recorded Quantum coaching

Galactic team expansion

In this lesson you will find:


- Galactic team expansion

- Trance channeled activation to increase your galactic team even more and uplift your personal frequencies to become a match to theirs.

Galactic initiation 

In this lesson you will find:


- Closing ceremony activation and initiation, with full attunement to your soul mission pillars and greater understanding of your purpose on this planet.


- 10 pre-recorded modules with lessons, channeling journeys and activations - Just join in and watch all the content in your own time!


"Cendrine is an amazing teacher that teaches from a very authentic place and has so much experience and wisdom to offer.

She delivers in a very clear and easy to understand way.

The activations are delivered in a safe and nurturing space and I am so appreciative of this been offered so generously by Cendrine.

I feel a real shift within and unfolding a little like peeling back the layers of an onion and a deeper connection to the universe and spiritual guides/world."


- Lisa -

Cendrine is awesome! And so is her channelling! In my reality she is totally genuine, and without ego.

She literally is one in a million. If you are really interested in your own development and seeking guidance from an extraordinary awareness, then I can recommend you follow her and her teachings.

We are blessed that she is sharing this information with us at a time when we and this planet need the highest awareness we can trust.


– John –






"You are such a Great Teacher.

You prove your humility for you have received.

You give us so much self-confidence!

You are a real teacher through showing us your own joys, evolution, friendship and gratitude whenever you speak of our galactic friends.

You have changed my life.

Thank you so much for BEING."


- Emily -

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