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"Cendrine is an amazing teacher that teaches from a very authentic place and has so much experience and wisdom to offer.

She delivers in a very clear and easy to understand way.

The activations are delivered in a safe and nurturing space and I am so appreciative of this been offered so generously by Cendrine.

I feel a real shift within and unfolding a little like peeling back the layers of an onion and a deeper connection to the universe and spiritual guides/world."


- Lisa -

Cendrine is awesome! And so is her channelling! In my reality she is totally genuine, and without ego.

She literally is one in a million. If you are really interested in your own development and seeking guidance from an extraordinary awareness, then I can recommend you follow her and her teachings.

We are blessed that she is sharing this information with us at a time when we and this planet need the highest awareness we can trust.


– John –






"You are such a Great Teacher.

You prove your humility for you have received.

You give us so much self-confidence!

You are a real teacher through showing us your own joys, evolution, friendship and gratitude whenever you speak of our galactic friends.

You have changed my life.

Thank you so much for BEING."


- Emily -

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