Divine Leadership

with channeled activation




The light leaders are being called to rise up and serve, but are you ready?


How do we know if we are meant to lead others, and if yes, how can we anchor in that truth even though we might not feel ready, or good enough?


In this masterclass, we will journey together, so you can see yourself from a new angle, understanding the bigger meaning to your existence on this planet at the time of the great awakening.

  • Understand what a light leader is and why it is so important for the ones who are called to serve to do it now.

  • Learn how to shift, so you won't be held back by your limitations anymore. You will be able to rise up and serve!

  • Upgrade your conscious understanding of the awakening process happening in the collective and how light leaders can help.

  • Receive a powerful activation to recode your identity and your reality, so you feel more motivated and anchored in your mission, ready to take aligned actions!


    What students say about this Masterclass:


    "I've always know I was a light leader without really understanding what it actually meant for me.


    I have so much more clarity about my path now,

    thank you Cendrine!"


    - Emma -


    "This activation and content was absolutely amazing!


    I have a lot more motivation to serve, now that I understand how important it is to take aligned actions even though I'm not 100% sure about my purpose.

    I'll start spreading more light, that's a great start!"


    - Martin -



    This masterclass is part of Fractal Recoding, a home-immersion, that happens in a private FB group regularly.

    The content of this home immersion is:

    Day 1: Activate your multidimensionality


    Day 2: Emotional Alchemy


    Day 3: Quantum Technologies


    Day 4: Divine Leadership


    Facilitated by Cendrine, Ascension Mentor, Quantum Healer and Trance Channel,

    Assisted by her Gaiactic team: earth team and galactic team, working for the evolution of humanity.