Activate your multidimensionality

with channeled audio meditation




What does it mean to be a multidimensional being?


How can we understand the quantum world in physicality?


Learn how to access many of your gifts and talents now, therefore increasing your connection with your soul essence.


This first day is powerful and packed with down-to-earth concepts that we can use in our every day lives to feel a deeper alignment to ourselves and our life.

  • Understand what it means to be a multidimensional being living in the physical world, so you can ground yourself more, love this life and rock it with gratitude and certainty.         

  • Deepen you connection to your soul, so you can be there for yourself and others, no matter what happens in your every day life.

  • This channeled content is explained in a clear manner, with beautiful slides, so you can expand your consciousness now. This allows you to see your life differently and increase your connection to your heart's desires and your purpose.

  • The channeled meditation reactivate your multidimensionality, so you can channel more life force energy, feel calmer and more alive than ever before.


    What students say about this Masterclass:


    "Loved it all!!

    I found the bit where you were talking about polarities fascinating!

    You referenced the dot/point and how it can't see itself but through reflection.

    Something in that really struck me! Thank you!"


    - Megan -

    This is absolutely amazing!

    Thank you so much for taking us on this introductory journey for free.

    It's going to be life changing and just what I've been looking for and needed.


    Thank you again!

    So much love and light"


    Charlotte -

    "Really beautiful, inspiring presentation.

    Every cell in my body became so excited to hear every word.

    Thank you so much for offering this for free!


    It is such a gift.

    I resonate deeply with your work."


    - Avril -

    This masterclass is part of Fractal Recoding, a home-immersion,

    that happens in a private FB group regularly.


    The content of this home immersion is:

    Day 1: Activate your multidimensionality


    Day 2: Emotional Alchemy


    Day 3: Quantum Technology


    Day 4: Divine Leadership



    Evolution, Ascension & Mission Mentor

    Trance Channel of the 9D Arcturian Council of Light

    Founder of Fractal Alchemy, Quantum 5D University