This workshop is here for all the souls who are seeking greater clarity about their spiritual evolution.

Do you often wonder:


  • "How can I access the next level in this area of my life now?"
  • "Why is this situation repeating in my life over and over again?"
  • "Am I on the right path?" 
  • "How can I shift once and for all from a life that isn't aligned to my dreams?"


As we transition into higher expressions and higher dimensions of reality, we need to shift from old paradigms into the new. 


This means that old hooks of feeling stuck, blocked and unsure how to shift keep us looping in old realities and makes it challenging to anchor into higher states of consciousness.


We get to break free from the old and intentionally create our lives full of joy, abundance and flow.


But how can we understand the dynamics of evolution so we have greater clarity about situations that don't seem to evolve much for us but that we are ready to shift from once and for all?


How can we shift the way we see our life, past, present and future, so we understand why we are experiencing what we are experiencing now, and close timelines to allow for new ones to manifest in our reality?


Can we all understand this architecture of "pathways of evolution", even though we don't have much spiritual and/or quantum knowledge?


The clarity of the content shared is crystalline, precise, deep and also very easy to understand. It is for everyone, seasoned quantum geeks and newbies into the awakening process. This is a NEW body of work channeled by Cendrine.


Receiving this content is like having many veils lifted from our heart and minds. This is because the codes shared are very high frequency and so they land directly within our deepest core, our soul, resonating with unity consciousness, with who we truly are, beyond time and space.


If you’re feeling called to step into a higher timeline for yourself, one where you get to be the master creator of your reality, where you’re activated into more light and your soul is anchored deep into your physical vessel, this workshop is for you.


Follow your heart's calling and join us on this journey. Now is the time!




Together, we will:

⨀ Learn the principles of "pathways of evolution" as a sacred architecture of life.


⨀ Learn the foundational principles of the way we learn as humans, through this life and many other lives on planet earth. This is a deeper understanding of the divine architecture of reincarnation.


⨀ Learn about the way "pathways of evolution" teaches us to shift from one timeline to another, consciously transcending a reality that no longer serves us.


⨀ How to see your life from a completely different angle, therefore shifting your consciousness and accessing many multidimensional gifts that will activate a higher identity.


⨀ Shift your perspectives of reality in a way that allows the integration of your experiences within your unique spiritual pathway of evolution. You live your life in your own unique way. Now is the time to shine bright & unapologetically!


⨀ Receive potent formulas containing Quantum algorithms and 5D frequencies that will help you deal with life from templates of higher dimensions, allowing you to stay anchored in trust and to take aligned actions no matter what.



These teachings are powerful and help us enjoy our human life more than ever, so we don't feel disconnected from our life, but rather more integrated and more powerful than ever.


This workshop "Activate Your New Pathway of Evolution" is one of the formulas that is part of Fractal Energetics, the body of work channelled by Cendrine. This is both simple to understand and very profound.


These are NEW teachings, never taught before.


This is one potent way to embrace and to ground your awakening on solid foundations, so you can continue your spiritual journey with more confidence and knowledge.


We are here to have a great time on planet Earth, with the ones we love!


We are here to evolve and ascend in the 5th Dimension where we live our lives based on the frequencies of Love, Abundance, Freedom and Connection.


We are here to learn our own infinite power and strength.


All of these templates are amplified through Fractal Energetics. 


Cendrine will teach attendees to become empowered, divine souls all the ropes of this potent channeled body of work, received from Source.

Facilitated by Cendrine, Founder of Fractal Alchemy,

5D Quantum University, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel.


Advanced psychic and channel, multi-dimensional traveler, Cendrine is assisted by her Galactic Team and the Krana Collective, thousands of Light Beings here on a mission to help humans in the ascension process underway.



It is recommended not to drink any alcohol and take any recreational drugs at least 48hrs before the transmission. Avoiding meat is also good. Drink a lot of water on the day of the event. This is to create a clear channel which will allow the Arcturians to work in your energetic field, and allow your body to release toxins and outdated programs with greater ease.


This workshop is not a replacement for therapy sessions with accredited therapists, nor a magical pathway that pretends to heal everything and everyone, bringing millions of dollars in the bank overnight and the rest. This is an offering to view and create life differently, by integrating what our society offers us and the new ways of evolution being channeled as we are experiencing the ascension process.