A step-by-step road map to teach you how to listen to your soul and connect to higher consciousness.



By knowing our intuition: 

We develop confidence in ourselves.

We break free from past blocks.

We trust our path.

We learn to develop our gifts and talents.

We are in tune with our body.

We trust in our ability to self-heal.

We create deep and unconditional faith in life.


>>> We create the foundations for long-lasting happiness!









Add the "Mentorship":



+ Extra Module: The Super Soul Bonus!

+ 4 Group coaching sessions with me!

+ Work with other members to practice your intuition and psychic abilities!






Why create anxiety by living a life aimlessly when you can easily learn to find your inner compass?


Follow my roadmap and learn to relax, in total trust in your intuition and inner power....

Can you keep on living a life deprived of connection with your soul and higher consciousness?

How does it feel to never be sure that you are on the right track with your life?


Are you an empath, struggling to relate to others in a healthy way?


What's stopping you from exploring your gifts and using them?


Do you want to feel more confident when taking decisions, because you will  know that they are in alignment with your purpose?


Why are you waiting to develop your psychic abilities if you know you have gifts already?


Do you fear what you might experience if you start exploring your intuition and psychic gifts?


Do you believe in the human ability to self-heal but don't know how to actually do it?


  • You're sceptic about the fact that you are intuitive at all.

  • You feel overwhelmed and super busy in your every day life, how could you the find time to learn about your intuition and psychic gifts?

  • You know that you have gifts but have no idea how to control them and use them, it's all a bit too scary!

Do you cherish the secret desire to be able to use psychic abilities to work with others?

This course is for you!!!


I will teach you how to maximise your intuition to then develop your psychic abilities, so you can work with others in total trust and confidence in your gifts.

The Mentorship option is there especially for that!

So you can work with other students and get some practice, knowing that I am there to help you along the way.

And because my intuition tells me that you don't have that much time on your hands; I have prepared the perfect delivery package:

  • All the lessons are bite-sized and easy to digest, so you never feel overwhelmed.
  • Each lesson contains a short video training,  a meditation, some action steps and worksheets to wrap things up, so you can go deeper into your learning.
  • Feel supported along the way by participating in our FB community. 
  • Relax, follow the roadmap laid out for you and you'll see your intuition and psychic abilities power up instantly .


+++ Get "The Mentorship" and all its bonuses, group calls, and practice with other members!!!

Course Content:

I sense curiosity in you...


Yay!!! Being curious is the very first step to learning new skills!


So, let me enlighten you a little bit about the content of this course...

  • Introduction

    Learn the powerful "Ritual to create our inner world", the practice that will trigger your intuition and ground you down.

  • M1: Clairsentience

    Learn what it means to be clairsentient and how to power it up

  • M2: Clairvoyance

    Are you clairvoyant already? You might be surprised!

  •              M3: Clairaudience

    How to distinguish the little voices in the head and be confident about the messages you receive

  • M4: Claircognizance

    What does it mean to have direct knowledge? How can you maximise it?

  • M5: Wrapping up the intuitive process

    Wrap up the intuitive process and get some clear insights on your questions 

    + Two powerful meditations for self-healing

  • M6: Working with others as a psychic

    Learn to expand your intuition to work using your psychic abilities with others. I share some techniques, troubleshootings, and special tips to work as a psychic.

  • M7: Self-Healing

    Learn about the chakra system and energetic field. I'll teach you different technique to self-heal. They are powerful tools that you'll be able to use with confidence!

  • Have you ever had any experiences that creep you out?
  • Do you think that you can feel, see or hear beings around you but are not sure if they are spirit guides or entities?
  • Are you curious about ghosts and entities? Who are they? Why are they here? Should you be afraid? Can they be harmful to you?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, this FREE BONUS is for you!


It will enlighten you on the invisible world, teach you how to protect yourself and how to deal with lost souls, so you are never - ever - afraid again!

  • Super Soul Bonus: Receive tapping techniques for Ajna activation, intuition hacks and many more amazing tips and tricks to boost up your intuition!
  • 4 Group Calls with me where I'll share about my own personal experience. I will answer any questions you might have!
  • Work with other members to get some practice, develop your gifts and connect to like-minded people

"PSSST... Let me tell you a secret...


I am creating an amazing new module about



I will teach you about the chakra system and energetic field.

You will learn many different healing techniques.

Grow your confidence and your trust in your ability to heal yourself!

Let's sum this up:







Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this course for?

How long does it take to do the course?

For how long do I have access to this course?

Can I get a refund?

Sharon wants you to know how genuine I am in sharing what I have learnt over the years and how much this journey that I am on means to me. It is a true gift that allows me to connect and help other amazing souls, just like you...

"I have been trying to word what I would like to say but words can not explain Cendrine's amazing gifts. I reached out to Cendrine, more than once & she gently & so caringly soothed me in my times of need. I recommended her to friends who have also experienced Cendrine's gifts & we often speak of her work to others. An amazing yoga teacher, healer & spiritual goddess. Thank you Cendrine" - From Sharon

The business of normal daily life tends to make me get into my head instead of my intuitive space and natural spiritual path.


I find that Cendrine's spiritual healing is the most relaxing and re-centering experience I have had in a while.


Cendrine listens kindly.  Her non judgemental loving presence makes it easy for me to express my troubles.


Her guidance helps realign my path with my ideas and expectations, as well as awaken my natural intuition.


I have been much more peaceful since I started having spiritual healing sessions with Cendrine.


I look forward to taking part in the online course myself!

Fabiola Haru

Massage therapist, pilate and movement teacher

I visited Cendrine for energy healing and soul guidance.


She is a very calm and gentle person, and I felt safe and at ease in her presence.


Cendrine helped to give me focus on my journey and where my soul is at, and helped me lean into myself further.


I would recommend her spirit and guidance to all.

Abby Keplar

AdOps and Yield Manager at MetService New Zealand

Cendrine's soul healing was incredibly affecting and gave me an insight into my life purpose I'd never been given before.


I was given insight into an event that was blocking me and the story of my soul's journey she connected with, was very inspiring and has helped me come to peace with many of my life elements.

Kristi Barnett


Who am I?

Hello! I'm Cendrine, spiritual coach and ambassador. I am as well a 500hrs Certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master and massage therapist,


I have worked for about 10 years, helping people feel better in their body and mind by empowering them to find their soul, what makes them vibrate and live life to its fullest potential. 


Our connection to the divine is the most powerful way we can feel joyful and connected. I am there to find that within myself, every single day of my life, and to walk on that path with the ones who are happy to join me in their return to their own divinity.


I was born highly intuitive and have developed my gifts over the years. I help set the soul free, working on the energy field, past-lives, inner child; all of that with the help of our spirit guides and light beings.


Something has become obvious to me through this work: every single person walking on this earth is a light being, clear like a crystal. We just have forgotten our true essence, identifying ourself with our sufferings and challenges, blinded by our own pain and illusions.


I am here on a mission: to help you see yourself as you truly are, an amazing soul looking for total freedom so you can shine bright and walk your path on Earth with both joy and confidence. 


I have been lucky to work with many beautiful souls, helping them on their journey, with finding more trust, faith, power and confidence in their own gifts and abilities...


Here are a few testimonials:

Let's sum this up: