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"The quantum fractal in the matrix"


Evolution & Mission Activation with The 9D Arcturian council of Ligh


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Take a Journey With Cendrine and the Arcturian Council of Light Into The Quantum,

to Discover How to Reprogram The Quantum Fractal that makes up our realities.



We each have a quantum blueprint with in our subconscious quantum field.  This blueprint is made up of codes, templates, thought patterns emotional patterns & it projects out reality for us to play in & experience life on earth.


This is our FULL subconscious realm and it is vast and expansive.

In the past finding the root of a distorted programming that did not serve us was like looking for a needle in a haystack and could take years to find and remove.


For so many years healers, coaches and teachers have focused on mastering the  conscious mind and worked to reprogram this, yet without isolating the root programming in the quantum blueprint and alchemising this, we keep creating and recreating other expressions of the original distortion and there for experience being stuck in certain pattern, unable to more into our higher and more abundant timelines and realities.


It is not until we master the subconscious (the quantum blueprint) that we can truly quantum shift into completely different realities and timelines.


The Quantum blueprint holds our quantum fractal, this is our personal human avatar expression & this determines our frequency and the reality we create.


For the first time in my mission I have been guided by the Arcturian council of light to deliver this new light wisdom to the world and share with those who are devoted to their evolution, ascension and mission , The Quantum Fractal and how to master the quantum realm to create the realities we desire and are in our highest timelines of existence.


This new light wisdom is now being shared with missioned souls so they can alchemise their own realities and show others what is possible , plus so they can serve the souls they serve in their missions at the highest by having access to quantum programming codes and the mastery of The quantum fractals and quantum blueprint.


This channelled & Trance Channels transmission is for Missioned souls, who are on this planet right now to bring in the New Earth.


In this channeled transmission you shall receive and learn about :


⨀ THE FRACTAL, & how understanding this quantum system, allows us to stabilise our frequency into higher realms of abundance, trust, love, and freedom.​


⨀ THE MATRIX DECODED, so we can leave the fear based matrix systems and choose to live in realities where we experience more love and abundance within ourselves and with our loved ones.


⨀ ​ACTIVATION FROM ARCTURIAN COUNCIL, the 9D Arcturian Council of Light are Trance channeled through Cendrine and deliver with love a full reprogramming of your fractal to remove lower densities from the lower aspects of the fractal and remove plugins from the matrix that have limited your creations and abundance, to place you into your higher timelines so you can live and serve in more abundance than ever before.


​⨀ Q&A with ARCTURIAN COUNCIL: in this transmission you will also have access to a powerful Q& A with other missioned souls and the Arcturian Council, so you too can expand and receive wisdom from the 9D higher realms, supporting you in your ascension and mission on earth.



Please know, this is the introduction activation for our program called:


“Fractal Alchemy”

5D Quantum University.


These codes are very powerful and I have been guided to share this transmission for free globally for 2 reasons.


1. To share these codes with the beings of light here on earth, so they can shift to higher timelines of mission and multidimensionality & action their greater missions with more clarity and devotion.


2. To share these codes with the souls who are missioned with great missions, and are ready to continue their evolution and ascension with full support and divine guidance from the 9D Arcturian Council of Light.


Much Love,





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Evolution & Mission Activation with The 9D Arcturian Council of Light


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