Live Event in Wellington, New Zealand

Broadcasted Live worldwide


Fractal energetics is a new body of work channeled by Cendrine and it completely revolutionarizes the templates of lives!


This is NEW, this UNIQUE, this is for the ones here to become conscious creators of their reality!


This is for the ones who are ready to leave behind outdated ways of healing, by trusting in the infinite power of their souls to become the engine of their expansion.

As we’re taking the transition into higher expressions and higher dimensions of reality we need to shift from old paradigms into the new. 


This means that old hooks of feeling stuck, blocked and unsure how to shift keep us looping in old realities and makes it challenging to anchor into higher states of consciousness.


Rather than endlessly seeking healing, we are being presented with new technology that supports us to evolve at quantum speed. 


We get to break free from the old and intentionally create our lives full of joy, abundance and flow.


If you’re feeling called to step into a higher timeline for yourself, one where you get to be the master creator of your reality,

where you’re activated into more light and your soul is anchored deep into your physical vessel

this event is for you.



Together, we will:

⨀ Learn the principles of Fractal Energetics that is the foundation of a soul-based life. This shifts the paradigms of healing to help us alchemise our realty much faster instead of stating stuck in endless loops.


⨀ Learn how to start creating your quantum reality now, so you can amplify your vortex by receiving practical tools that you can use in your every day life.


⨀ Receive specific keys, so you can walk away from the event with a powerful toolbox that will help you to stay aligned to your soul in all situations and quickly access new levels of Love, Abundance, Freedom and Connection.


⨀ Shift your perspectives of reality in a way that allows the integration of your experiences within your unique spiritual pathway of evolution. You live your life in your unique ways, now is the time to shine bright, unapologetically!


⨀ Receive potent formulas containing Quantum algorithms and 5D frequencies that will help you deal with life from the templates of higher dimensions, allowing you to stay anchored in Love no matter what.


These formulas are powerful gateways that help us enjoy our human life more than ever, so we don't feel disconnected from our life, but rather more integrated and more powerful than ever.

We are here to have a great time on planet Earth, with the ones we love!


We are here to evolve and ascend in the 5th Dimension where we live our lives based on the frequencies of Love, Abundance, Freedom and Connection.


We are here to learn our own infinite power and strength.


All of these templates are amplified through Quantum Work. 


Cendrine will teach attendees to become empowered, divine souls living their best life now!

Codex Inclusions:

⨀ The foundations of Fractal Energetics

⨀ The templates of the neo-human

⨀ The formula of Quantum creation

⨀ The formula of Pool Frequencies for heart manifestations

⨀ The formula of Conscious Timeline Shifts

⨀ The ultimate Quantum tool for divine embodiment


+ Quantum grid and work done behind the scene by Cendrine, one week prior to the workshop

+ Integration grid for 3 months after the event

(done behind-the-scene by Cendrine and in a private FB group)


⨀ Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of June 2021

⨀ From 9 am to 5 pm

⨀ IN PERSON: The Boat Club, Worser Bay, Wellington, New Zealand or LIVE ONLINE using ZOOM

⨀ A workbook including Quantum Visual Activators

⨀ The recordings of the workshop with LIFETIME ACCESS

⨀ A Private FB group support for 3 months after the event


In-Person EXCLUSIVE extras:


+ 1.5 hr Quantum Yin Yoga class facilitated by Cendrine and

Christina Miller, trained teachers on Saturday 5.30pm

+ Vegan and gluten-free snacks and lunch on both days

+ Dinner on the Sunday night with Cendrine, Christina and

the tribe!

Save your seat now!


In-person attendance:


NOW only $400 pp


> You SAVE $200! From the 10th of June, the full price ($600 NZD) will apply.

Online attendance:



Only $400 NZD pp for the two day workshop.


This workshop will be facilitated in Wellington, New Zealand.

You can choose to participate in person, or join the live broadcast! 


To anchor the codes and help with integration after the event, attending with a friend is absolutely wonderful! It helps to bring us back in the workshop's vortex and stabilise in the new frequencies with greater ease.


Receive those Quantum keys and formulas from anywhere in the world and experience the transformational power of this body of work in your every day life.


It is recommended not to drink any alcohol and take any recreational drugs at least 48hrs before the transmission. Avoiding meat is also good. Drink a lot of water on the day of the event. This is to create a clear channel which will allow the Arcturians to work in your energetic field, and allow your body to release toxins and outdated programs with greater ease.


This workshop is not a replacement for therapy sessions with accredited therapists, nor a magical pathway that pretends to heal everything and everyone, bring millions of dollars in the bank overnight and the rest. This is an offering to view and create life differently, by integrating what our society offers us and new ways of evolution. 

Facilitated by Cendrine, Founder of Fractal Alchemy,

5D Quantum University, Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel.


Advanced psychic and channel, multi-dimensional traveler, Cendrine is assisted by her Galactic Team and the Krana Collective, thousands of Light Beings here on a mission to help humans in the ascension process underway.