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Channeled amongst the rising chaos created by the COVID-19 virus, the Arcturians bring us deep insights of the current world situation.


During this session, we worked a lot on releasing fears by working with the biggest one of all: the fear of death. The Arcturians explained that it is on top of the pyramid of fears, so working on clearing the fear of death acts as a catalyst to the clearing of all other fears.


The horizontal line of the past was totally purged from traumas: ancestors' lines, past-lives and inner child.


After the clearing, so much space within ourselves was created that we were able to receive a new strand of DNA. It had been active in our physical body during Atlantis and Lemurian times, but had been removed during the fall of the Golden Ages to protect humans' special abilities.


So much more was activated during this session... It is to be felt from within to 'understand' its power of transformation. Get it now and shift to new levels by anchoring yourself fully on Gaia in our collective new ascended 5D reality based on LOVE!

And what Lisa commented after the Arcturian Channelling:


"That was something else. I can't really describe what happened as it was mind blowing, literally! My body is still shivering from it. Maybe it's the magnetic field being fully connected?"


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