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Trance Channelling Arcturian Healing

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Receive some powerful Activations, new templates and codes, all focusing on awakening our sacred sexuality.


In this powerful transmission, Cendrine channels the Arcturians Healing Council.


Our galactic friends are here to help us heal our multidimensional bodies by getting rid of outdated templates holding us into the past and dense 3D reality.


They then bring in new templates from higher dimensions, new DNA strands and activation codes to help us ascend and align ourselves fully to our highest timeline!


Us humans, often struggle to removes blocks, as it can be hard to understand where they come from and how to actually do it. We feel ready to move to the next level but we aren't sure how to do it.


This is why working with the Arcturians is so helpful and healing, the work is being done in a heart beat, the results are literally being felt straight away in the physical body, and then for days onwards after a session.


Heal yourself and awaken your sacred sexuality by receiving from Cendrine and the Arcturians.


We need to be fully connected to our sacred sexuality to be grounded in the NOW and also to be able to tap into abundance, to understand how to play in the Matrix, and how to awaken ancient codes from past-lives. 


Having a healthy sexuality has so many tremendous effects for our multidimensional being...


Don't wait to experience, receive now!

And what Lisa commented after the Arcturian Channelling:


"That was something else. I can't really describe what happened as it was mind blowing, literally! My body is still shivering from it. Maybe it's the magnetic field being fully connected?"


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