To the human who wants to break free and find unshakable faith in herself

Discover how to connect to your soul,

find your gifts and live your purpose.


  • Feel disconnected to yourself and others, to your life, not really knowing why?
  • Feel fearful of bringing the changes you really crave for?
  • Feel scared to speak up for yourself, to express your feelings and needs?
  • Worry a lot, feel anxious and depressed at time?
  • Wonder what life would be if you had a full tank of confidence and courage?
  • Wonder what your real potential is, what's your soul's like?

Imagine being so connected to yourself that you wake up every morning feeling confident and happy about the day starting... 


Imagine going to bed every evening, feeling grateful because you know that again, today, you fulfilled your life purpose...

Let me Introduce:




Are you ready?



  • To tackle the fears and negative beliefs that hold you back?
  • To feel vibrant, confident and happy every day?
  • To know yourself and love your soul deeply? 
  • To work with a guide, a roadmap that tells you where to start on your spiritual journey; what the steps are and how can continue to ride your life like a boss?

I deeply believe that we are put on this earth to experience joy and happiness; to learn, grow and connect to the self and to others.

Is it easy?


This is why we ALL need help, guidance and encouragement, to work on our self to find out who we truly are, to find the courage to shine bright and walk on our path with confidence and joy.



The "Soul Coaching" is a deeply transformative program that is totally unique to each client.

All the aspects of the self are considered; the physical body, the mind and the soul.

What will you get when you sign up?


  1. FREE Introductory “Soul’s check-up call” (about 20min)
  2. Recordings of the sessions
  3. ‘Spiritual practice’ to do between sessions, to help with the transformative process
  4. Email support system between sessions
  5. Become part of a growing community by joining our Closed FB Group
  6. !!! 6 months FREE access to my Spiritual membership !!!

Each person is unique and so will be each session...

You can expect during your soul coaching, to work on some or all of the following:

  • How to create a routine of mindfulness and meditation

  • The importance of movement for energetic renewal

  • Using nature as a power house for healing

  • Locate trapped emotions and release them

  • Learn to use “the Journey” to heal your body and your emotions

  • Connect to your Inner Child

  • The practice of self-love

  • The basic human needs

  • Cultivating the universal qualities

  • Healing Core Wounds

  • Fears and Negative beliefs

  • Working with the subconscious mind

  • Learn to create powerful Mantras

  • Techniques for clearing and recharging the energy field

  • Listening to intuition

  • Akashic records reading

  • Past-lives travel

  • Connection with Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters

I will be there for you, to meet your needs to the best of my abilities. I will do what I can to help you on your journey.

It truly is a privilege for me to work so closely with somebody.

For a real transformative experience, you will have to do your part too, as you are the one who can bring long lasting freedom to your soul – I am just a guide, a facilitator of your own healing and soul freedom!


Do you find yourself asking:

  • Why do I feel so down?
  • Why am I so afraid to bring real changes in my life?
  • Why do I keep thinking so negatively about myself?
  • What's the meaning of this life, what's my true purpose?
  • Why is life so hard at times?

If you can relate to any of the above, you might 'suffer' from a lack of connection with your soul.


"Yeah right Cendrine... But how can I even do that, connect to my soul?

Where to start? What to do?

Is it even possible to feel confident, joyful, connected and on top of the world most of the time?"

For years, I have worked with people helping them on their spiritual journey.

Here are some beautiful words written by amazing clients:

The business of normal daily life tends to make me get into my head instead of my intuitive space and natural spiritual path.


I find that Cendrine's spiritual healing is the most relaxing and re-centering experience I have had in a while.


Cendrine listens kindly.  Her non judgemental loving presence makes it easy for me to express my troubles.


Her guidance helps realign my path with my ideas and expectations, as well as awaken my natural intuition.


I have been much more peaceful since I started having spiritual healing sessions with Cendrine.


I look forward to taking part in the online course myself!

Fabiola Haru

Massage therapist, pilate and movement teacher

I visited Cendrine for energy healing and soul guidance.


She is a very calm and gentle person, and I felt safe and at ease in her presence.


Cendrine helped to give me focus on my journey and where my soul is at, and helped me lean into myself further.


I would recommend her spirit and guidance to all.

Abby Keplar

AdOps and Yield Manager at MetService New Zealand

Cendrine's soul healing was incredibly affecting and gave me an insight into my life purpose I'd never been given before.


I was given insight into an event that was blocking me and the story of my soul's journey she connected with, was very inspiring and has helped me come to peace with many of my life elements.

Kristi Barnett




I'm Cendrine, a 500hrs Certified yoga teacher, meditation teacher, spiritual coach and ambassador. I am a massage therapist and Reiki Master. I as well have degrees in Law, Political Sciences and International Relations.


I have worked for about 10 years, helping people feel better in their body and mind by empowering them to find their soul, what makes them vibrate and live life to its fullest potential. 


I was born highly intuitive and have developed my gifts over the years. I help set the soul free, working on the energy field, past-lives, inner child; all of that with the help of our spirit guides and light beings. I am the conduit of the divine, facilitating healing and transformation is what I do, to the best of my abilities; with love and compassion.


Something has become obvious to me through this work: every single person walking on this earth is a light being, clear like a crystal. We just have forgotten our true essence, identifying our Self with our sufferings and challenges, blinded by our pain and illusions.


I am here on a mission: to help you see yourself as you truly are, an amazing soul looking for total freedom so you can shine bright and walk your path on Earth with both joy and confidence. 


In my personal life, I am a mum to two lively daughters aged 7 and 9. I love reading, hiking and tramping. I am a cat person and I am vegan. I treasure my friends and I love going out, for a drink and dinner and for  a good dance! 

Let's get to know each other more and work together to help you expand your soul and develop unshakable faith in yourself!