'The Souls Rising' Membership is here to help you live a life full of

faith, joy and confidence.



  • Feel drawn to learn about spirituality but don't know where to start?

  • Have many unanswered questions about all sort of spiritual things?

  • Wish to start a regular yoga practice with down-to-earth and accessible classes?

  • Dream of meditating regularly, not knowing how to achieve it?

  • Feel stuck in your life, not knowing how to remove the blocks preventing you from moving forward?

  • Feel that you keep on repeating the same frustrating patterns?

  • Get into the same toxic relationships?

  • Skip your mediation practice and journaling to sleep longer or watch Netflix?

  • Have many awesome ideas but never get to manifest them into reality?

  • Wish you were more inspired by your work - not as 'trapped' in the system?

  • Feel frustrated and unhappy about your physical appearance?

You feel that you need to find a way to create the awesome life that you so want and that you so deserve...


You don't know where to start and how to do it...


My friend, I have your back!


I will help you find the


that your soul so craves for

so you can create the life you want!

I have witnessed so many people (as well as myself) completely change their lives when they start having a regular spiritual practice.


But it is hard to stay consistent, even with the best of intentions...


Life happens, challenges arise,

and the next thing we know, is that our meditation practice is out the window,

our gratefulness journal buried under a ton of papers

and our stress back, keeping us awake at night.


We love having a spiritual practice and feel deeply connected to our journey, but it's hard to stick to...


I really want to help you...

Join our membership

"The Souls Rising"

When signing-up, you will receive instant access to:


* All previous Spiritual Lessons

* Meditation Library

* Yoga classes Library

* Resource Centre with recommendations on books, videos, inspirational speakers and teachers.

* A spiritual Workbook

+++ New content uploaded regularly:

New yoga classes, meditations and spiritual lessons!

"I created this membership so you can feel connected to your soul every day of your life.


It can be easy and fun to learn new ways to connect to yourself and the world, and easy to create healthy habits that will help YOU bring some magic back into your life.


Every week, you will get your dose of real connection, the one that will help you cultivate faith, joy and confidence in all that you do."




"Cendrine, I am still not sure why I need this membership for... I mean, why do I need to cultivate my spiritual connection, what does that even mean?"... You might say...


And here is my take on this...

"When we exercise at the gym, go to yoga or run, why do we do it? To build muscle strength, flexibility and stamina.

We very well know that if we don't do it, our body will feel heavy, stiff, sore and weak.

We get that we as well have to eat healthy if we want to put all the odds in our favour for living a healthy life.

We know that we do that to feel as good as possible when we age.

It doesn't mean not getting sick - one can't prevent it. It means that at least, we know we do everything in our control to get our physical body in the best shape possible, so when adversity strikes, it is stronger and more resilient.


Having a regular spiritual practice is exactly that, for our mind and our soul. We can call it mind practise as well if you prefer...


We learn to understand our mind, our emotions, our fears and limiting beliefs. We learn to love, to heal, to care for our self and others. Learning to have a consistent and regular spiritual practice, lays the foundations for personal growth and happiness. We do a little bit everyday, filling our inner tank with love, confidence and joy.


So when adversity strike, we have a full tank ready for us to ride the waves of life's challenges with more courage, inner resources and resilience.


We cultivate all the qualities of the spiritual warriors, needed to live a life filled with joy, faith and confidence.


Do you get it my friend?


Your spiritual connection is the foundation of your personal growth

Frequently asked questions:

Who is this membership for?

What if I haven't got much time?

Time is very precious yes!


Remember that we choose to spend our time watching Netflix, scrolling through Instagram and have a wine with friends on a Friday night... 


We can choose to wake up 15 min earlier in the morning or not watch an other episode of favourite serie in the evening, to instead spend our time learning something new, that will encourage us to focus on our inner world, to grow spiritually and bring more confidence and joy into our life.


Spending time in front of a screen might seem to be relaxing, but we actually do not allow the brain to relax and the soul to expand, we numb our self.


Actively choosing to instead turn our attention within us will bring far greater rewards!!!


The lessons are short and you choose when to watch them and practice your spiritual exercises. You can go at your own pace.


The lessons are designed to be taken weekly, but at times you might want to go faster or slower so don't be too hard on yourself, follow your own flow!


The yoga classes range between 20 min and an hour, while the meditations are between 5 min and an hour. 


The weekly automatic payment is there for that: it's an incentive to make you focus on yourself and develop a regular spiritual practice.

What is actually included in the membership?

What if I don't want to continue with the membership after signing up?

The business of normal daily life tends to make me get into my head instead of my intuitive space and natural spiritual path.


I find that Cendrine's spiritual healing is the most relaxing and re-centering experience I have had in a while.


Cendrine listens kindly.  Her non judgemental loving presence makes it easy for me to express my troubles.


Her guidance helps realign my path with my ideas and expectations, as well as awaken my natural intuition.


I have been much more peaceful since I started having spiritual healing sessions with Cendrine.


I look forward to taking part in the online course myself!

Fabiola Haru

Massage therapist, pilate and movement teacher

I visited Cendrine for energy healing and soul guidance.


She is a very calm and gentle person, and I felt safe and at ease in her presence.


Cendrine helped to give me focus on my journey and where my soul is at, and helped me lean into myself further.


I would recommend her spirit and guidance to all.

Abby Keplar

AdOps and Yield Manager at MetService New Zealand

Cendrine's soul healing was incredibly affecting and gave me an insight into my life purpose I'd never been given before.


I was given insight into an event that was blocking me and the story of my soul's journey she connected with, was very inspiring and has helped me come to peace with many of my life elements.

Kristi Barnett


Who am I?

Hello! I'm Cendrine, spiritual coach and ambassador. I am as well a 500hrs Certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master and massage therapist,


I have worked for about 10 years, helping people feel better in their body and mind by empowering them to find their soul, what makes them vibrate and live life to its fullest potential. 


Our connection to the divine is the most powerful way we can feel joyful and connected. I am there to find that within myself, every single day of my life, and to walk on that path with the ones who are happy to join me in their return to their own divinity.


I was born highly intuitive and have developed my gifts over the years. I help set the soul free, working on the energy field, past-lives, inner child; all of that with the help of our spirit guides and light beings.


Something has become obvious to me through this work: every single person walking on this earth is a light being, clear like a crystal. We just have forgotten our true essence, identifying ourself with our sufferings and challenges, blinded by our own pain and illusions.


I am here on a mission: to help you see yourself as you truly are, an amazing soul looking for total freedom so you can shine bright and walk your path on Earth with both joy and confidence.