Reclaim the power of Trance State,

Activate the crystalline Temple of the New Earth!

Join the Trance Temple Experience!

An exclusive 3 day online event for only $111 NZD


A 3 Day Online Event:

Tuesday 6/10

from 12pm to 1.30pm NZT

Receive Frequency Shifts, decoding false templates of lower frequencies, recoding your multidimensional self to higher level of receptivity.

Align to Crystalline frequencies residing in 5D and beyond. 

How can we access these higher dimensions now?


Receive activations and light language transmissions!

Wednesday 7/10

from 12pm to 1.30pm NZT

Learn about Trance States, which can be experienced through breath work, dance and channelling. Anchor a new template of Trance States, aligned to New Earth frequencies.

What practical steps can we take to integrate these frequencies in our every day lives?


Experience trance state through a breath work journey!


Thursday 8/10

from 12pm to 3pm NZT

Experience a unique Trance Channelling session facilitated by both Shannon and Cendrine!

Yes, you're reading this right, both facilitators will be in trance state to channel from the 9D



Ask your questions directly to the Arcturians and Pleiadians!

+ Finish with and Online Trance Dance Party!

The Trance Temple Experience:

Three Day Online Event

Join Shannon Rose & Cendrine Sauvenier for this exclusive Three Days Online Event: The Trance Temple Experience.


Activate your Crystalline Vortex & receive a quantum frequency reset through these coded transmissions and activations.


This event will happen LIVE in a Private FB Group


    Opening the Trance Temple for the very first time is activating a new timeline of anchoring the New Earth now!

    The double trance channelling session will be happening for the first time - ever ! Two powerful channels will be joining their magic to give you the experience of a lifetime! 


    This is more than a 3 day live event, this is a pure initiation anchored in ancient lineages carried in our DNA, embodied in 5D frequencies and above. We will literally enter a Temple and be initiated in Trance State!


    Through the 3 day event, we will experience profound shifts in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Trance states allow the mind to slow down so we have greater access to our heart's wisdom and our intuition. We feel a greater connection to the self and others, as well as the earth.


    Practical tools on how to access trance state and the frequencies embodied will be shared. This will give us more tools to use to be able to feel grounded and calm in our every days live, but also more connected to our galactic team and our soul.


    Welcoming both women and men in the sacred temple will allow us to shift outdated paradigms based on separation and help us alchemise the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and also with other people. We co-create from a place of deep love, respect and authenticity.


    Receive effortlessly as Shannon's and Cendrine's Galactic Teams decode your field from outdated templates preventing you from accessing new frequencies coming from the higher realms. Receive new galactic codes and technologies to help you anchor yourself in a new ascended timeline.


    Cendrine will be channelling her 9D Arcturians' team and Shannon her 9D Pleiadians' team. This is pure Quantum power here to help us instantly shift frequencies and transform our reality.

Join the Trance Temple Experience!

An exclusive 3 day online event for only $111 NZD





Watch the Opening of the

Trance Temple Experience!

Facilitated by Cendrine and Shannon: 




Cendrine is a Powerful Warrior of the Light flying with her Dragons & Galactic Crew, here to free humanity & recode our reality.

She is a Trance Channel, Ascension Mentor, Quantum Alchemist and Divine As Human bringing powerful transmissions and lighthearted laughs to the realm of Galactic Earthlings.




Shannon is a Badass High Priestess, Galactic Goddess and Sexy as Human Being, training New Earth leaders in becoming next level channels, to birth our new reality.

She is a Multidimensional Channel, Quantum Activator & Mentor here to activate our Crystalline Earth now!