Reclaim the power of Trance State,

Activate the crystalline Temple of the New Earth!

Join the Trance Temple Experience!

An exclusive 3 day online course for only $111 NZD

A 3 Day Online Course:

Day 1: Frequency Shifts

90 min of content

Receive Frequency Shifts, decoding false templates of lower frequencies, recoding your multidimensional self to higher level of receptivity.

Align to Crystalline frequencies residing in 5D and beyond. 

How can we access these higher dimensions now?


Receive a powerful key code, some activations and light language transmissions!

Day 2: Experience

Trance State

90 min of content

Experience a 30 min breath work journey that will open you to Trance State!

 Anchor a new template of Trance States, aligned to New Earth frequencies.

What practical steps can we take to integrate these frequencies in our every day lives?


Day 3: Trance Channelling

3 h of content

Experience a unique Trance Channelling session facilitated by both Shannon and Cendrine! Shannon channels the Peleidians and Cendrine the Arcturians.

Together, they open the gateways for you to receive effortlessly and shift on all levels!

Many powerful messages, predictions and wisdom are also shared in this unique channeling session.



The Trance Temple Experience:

Three Day Online Course

Join Shannon Rose & Cendrine Sauvenier for this exclusive Three Days Online Course: The Trance Temple Experience.


Activate your Crystalline Vortex & receive a quantum frequency reset through these coded transmissions and activations.


This is an online course that was recorded Live as an event, so we receive a lot from the participants, their shares and questions. It is anchoring the crystalline vortex even more and bringing a lot of depth and practicality to this event!


    Opening the Trance Temple for the very first time is activating a new timeline of anchoring the New Earth now!

    The double trance channelling session was the first being facilitated by both Shannon and Cendrine - ever ! Two powerful channels joined their magic to give you the experience of a lifetime! 


    This is more than a 3 day online course, this is a pure initiation anchored in ancient lineages carried in our DNA, embodied in 5D frequencies and above. We literally enter a Temple and are initiated in Trance State!


    Through the 3 day online course, we experience profound shifts in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Trance state allows the mind to slow down so we have greater access to our heart's wisdom and our intuition. We feel a greater connection to the self and others, as well as the earth.


    Practical tools on how to access trance state and the frequencies embodied are shared. This gives us more tools to use to be able to feel grounded and calm in our every days live, but also more connected to our galactic team and our soul.


    Welcoming both women and men in the sacred temple allows us to shift outdated paradigms based on separation and helps us alchemise the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and also with other people. We co-create from a place of deep love, respect and authenticity.


    Receive effortlessly as Shannon's and Cendrine's Galactic Teams decode your field from outdated templates preventing you from accessing new frequencies coming from the higher realms. Receive new galactic codes and technologies to help you anchor yourself in a new ascended timeline.


    Cendrine will be channelling her 9D Arcturians' team and Shannon her 9D Pleiadians' team. This is pure Quantum power here to help us instantly shift frequencies and transform our reality.

Join the Trance Temple Experience!

An exclusive 3 day online course 

for only $111 NZD





Watch the Opening of the

Trance Temple Experience!


"Wow! What an experience! Truly mind-blowing and almost impossible to describe the shifts I have experienced in words, but I'll try to do so anyway...

I feel so much more connected to my galactic team and source. Light language is flowing through effortlessly. I feel more anchored in my mission/purpose and intuition.

I also feel deeply anchored into trust in my authentic powers and that I am actually capable of walking the path of my purpose.

I would definitely recommend this trance temple experience to anyone who is ready to be guided by two amazing divine goddesses, ready to go deep and ready to uncover the next chapter of their mission. I am definitely going to watch it all again it is magic!!!


- Boukje -

"Thank you Cendrine and Shannon for the Trance Temple Experience.

Every time I've worked with either one of you I experienced great shifts and this time was no different. I walked away from the classes with great tools, additional knowledge, expansion of my energy and more.

You are both powerful, gifted Light workers and truly beautiful souls.

I am grateful to have met you both on my journey. I look forward to working with you guys again in the future."


- Arlette -

"For me, The Trance Temple has been an initiation and awakening into my truth and purpose here on earth - I feel like I have been deeply reconnected and reconciled with parts of myself I have never fully embraced or acknowledged until now. Thankyou Shannon & Cendrine for creating and holding this space as it has allowed me to shift into the truth of who I am. I am so deeply grateful." 


- Tiahna -

"I'm so glad that I participated in this amazing, powerful and profound event because it was the best three days I have had in a long time.

This event has helped me tap into my soul's gifts and connect with my guides, ascended masters and my galactic family.

I look forward to be of service to humanity and to guide them back to living from their soul's purest essence. Can't wait for the next experience!

I hope that you will continue to have these amazing experiences. I'm sending it out to the Universe to see you both in New Zealand :)

Much love and gratitude to you both!"


- Heidi -


"I love Shannon and Cendrine.

I saw my soul star home and scenes from Lemuria and as a dolphin. I am feeling a shift in each of my cells and quantum leaping into my most crystalline ascended timeline."


Sabine -

Energy shifting, activational, informative, mind blowing and soul expansive!! Shannon and Cendrine held such a beautiful, safe, transformative space and I felt a huge energetic unblocking and release during the breath work, which created space for new downloads and inspiration.

I felt it shifted me into alignment where i had been feeling 'off' and I can't recommend this workshop AND attending any in person events held by them enough!

This was my second online course with Shannon and first with Cendrine but I look forward to taking part in their future creations already.

So much love and gratitude


- Rebecca -

"Absolutely amazing experience!

All the feels, all the vibes, all that energy.

Really powerful stuff that created instant powerful shifts.

You goddesses are amazing and I am truly grateful"


- Georgia -

The Trance Temple experience with Cendrine and Shannon was out of this world! The codes given and the combination of the breath work and music was perfect in allowing the body to relax and the energy to flow! I felt such euphoria and love after the trance channelling experience I have never felt before
..the closest feeling to this was my experience of natural child birth with my son! Intense, life changing and beautiful experience guided so lovingly by these two beautiful and gifted women. If you want to positively change your whole mindset, body and experience on this earth then the Trance Temple experience will truly help you do this!


- Alexandra -

Facilitated by Cendrine and Shannon: 




Cendrine is a Powerful Warrior of the Light flying with her Dragons & Galactic Crew, here to free humanity & recode our reality.

She is a Trance Channel, Ascension Mentor, Quantum Alchemist and Divine As Human bringing powerful transmissions and lighthearted laughs to the realm of Galactic Earthlings.




Shannon is a Badass High Priestess, Galactic Goddess and Sexy as Human Being, training New Earth leaders in becoming next level channels, to birth our new reality.

She is a Multidimensional Channel, Quantum Activator & Mentor here to activate our Crystalline Earth now!