Emotional Alchemy

with channeled activation




What is emotional alchemy, and why is it so important to practice in our every day lives?


This is quantum channeled content, the foundation of our multidimensional self. 


This fascinating body of work can be applied to a cellular level and to the whole universe.


This is how parallel universes, realities, identities  have been explained to me.


This is also from this theory that we learn how to consciously reclaim our powers and how we can alchemise different realities, therefore creating massive shifts in timelines and collapse realities.


In this video, I share the foundation of these principles that can be applied to the self. This is pure quantum alchemy, here to help us understand emotions on a new level and master the art of living in bliss, in every moment.


May you receive from the centre point of your fractal, the seat of your soul, where Love resides.


May we all learn to embrace human emotions from a place of inner peace, observing ALL that we are with loving compassion and detachment.

  • Understand what emotional alchemy is and how to use it in your every day life, so you gain greater control of the emotional waves experienced, all with love and compassion.

  • Learn how to alchemise challenging emotions with ease and embody more harmony in your human reality.

  • Elevate your frequencies and become a magnet to your heart's desires.

  • Increase your connection to your heart and your soul, feeling more love and acceptance for yourself, on all levels, no matter what!


    What students say about this Masterclass:


    "This was so so powerful!

    I feel so much resonance with the woman in the story at the beginning - so many destabilised emotions and wondering who is this person, and why am I acting so crazy??

    I'm very thankful for all you shared today, especially being the observer and maintaining my power that way, while still experiencing the emotions and allowing them to pass through me."


    - Jeanine -

    "Watching you talk about the image of the fractal reflection - it gives me a new reference image for what it means to be "centred"!


    And again, there is that dot/point!

    Thank you for sharing pieces of your own personal story"


    Megan -

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    So much knowledge and wisdom.


    I can't wait to do the activation again"


    - Jenny-

    This masterclass is part of Fractal Recoding, a home-immersion,

    that happens in a private FB group regularly.

    The content of this home immersion is:

    Day 1: Activate your multidimensionality


    Day 2: Emotional Alchemy


    Day 3: Quantum Technologies


    Day 4: Divine Leadership


    Facilitated by Cendrine, Ascension Mentor, Quantum Healer and Trance Channel,

    Assisted by her Gaiactic team: earth team and galactic team, working for the evolution of humanity.