2 parts Masterclass:

Healing and Recoding the Heart Portal

Quantum Healing transmitted from the Arcturians' Healing Council


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1. Heart Portal Healing 

First part:

Healing the heart portal

  • The 4 chambers of the heart

    Arcturians' transmission of the 4 chambers of the human heart, understanding the heart's wounds coming from our past (childhood, past-lives and ancestors) and integrating the different chambers.

  • Healing the wounded heart

    Special heart activation to heal the wounded heart and bring it back to oneness. The techniques are taught to empower your own self-healing abilities and can be used as often as needed. They are channeled healing techniques to integrate the 4 chambers of the heart and find greater soul alignment.

  • Connecting back to unconditional Love

    Through integration of the heart portal with quantum healing, we experience more love in our every day lives.

  • Divine Heart Portal Activation

    Learn to activate your divine heart portal to connect to higher frequencies and radiate Love.


I have just finished this part of the masterclass and I feel much lighter already.

During the heart redesign part, I have been shown in the chamber a memory that I didn't quite remember contained this much of emotional hurt inside it, perhaps because it was suppressed so much.

It got resolved in the chamber while the colours and decorations were changing and light was erupting everywhere. I felt freed.


I also loved the 'I got you' method, so quick and effectively heartwarming! It's also worth to note that as I write this my throat even got effected, and I could feel the tension that was at the back of my throat (which used to come and go and I'd work on healing/relaxing each time) transform into something different, like almost a dissolving sensation of what appears more as a more open, gentler grief than a stoic tensed blockage.


In fact, since the beginning of this message till now, it has remarkably subsided. I know it'll be much easier to access now and tackle, and with much more space of love.


So again, thank you for all that you do.

Your work is benefiting a lot of people.


In love and light,



2. Heart Portal Recoding




    Investment: $22 (NZD)

    Second part:

    Recoding the heart portal

    • How was our first heart created?

      Learn the powerful story of our first cosmic heart's creation in the quantum. Understand why "the heart is the seat of the soul" is such a profound life changing truth.

    • The cosmic heart

      What is the cosmic heart and why is it needed to shift us in a new timeline of multidimensional love? Receive your cosmic heart and learn how to use it as a portal. Discover your true soul essence and align fully to your power!

    • Discover your unique coding

      What are the 4 universal codes that all living beings have within their soul blue print? Then, what are the additional codes that created you, personally, your unique codes combination? Discover your special soul blue print!

    • Arcturians Transmission and recoding

      Experience a powerful transmission from the Arcturians to decode outdated templates keeping you in a reality where you can't access higher levels of Love, Abundance and Freedom. Recode your heart to shift yourself in a highest timeline based on 5D Love frequencies.


      " I have just finished the Heart Recoding Masterclass with Cendrine.

      I’m not here to try and convince you of whether you should do it or not – only your heart can tell you that.

      For me, I knew – my heart knew – that this was an opportunity of a lifetime to experience healing on a level I had not experienced before. There was only one way to have that confirmed, and I was not disappointed.

      Actually, I was overjoyed!

      For me it was like going from first gear to third gear (when you thought you were stuck in first and wondered how to get to second!) – such a boost in healing to remove old energy blocks that it knocked my spiritual socks off.

      And this is from someone who has experienced many different types of healing over decades.

      If you sincerely want to be more in alignment with who you really are, and feel ready to do that, then I am totally confident in recommending not just the Heart Recoding Masterclass, but anything Cendrine does as I do not detect any ego with her, and she is as genuine as anyone you will find.

      Not only that, her Light worker team are about as awesome as they come!

      If you are like many others who have been working on themselves, and experiencing some progress but looking for ways of shifting more blocks from your life that go down to the very level of your soul, then look no further.

      But be careful, it could change your life for the better in so many ways!


      - John -



      "I loved these teachings on the heart chambers, portal and exploring what 'divine union' can be! So empowering and enriching"


      - Pauline -



      "The heart opening portal helped me realise that holding on to past hurts is giving away my power.

      Surrendering to uncomfortable feelings allows me to take responsibility for my own healing, instead of blaming and projecting onto others, having compassion for my parents who were doing their best with what they knew helps me have compassion for myself.

      Realising that the perceived lack of love has created distortion in my own heart which leads to separation and disconnection.

      Taking responsibility, forgiving myself and others, trusting and healing my own heart creates more capacity for love and connection."


      - Jane -

      Facilitated by Cendrine, Quantum Alchemist,

      Ascension Mentor and Trance Channel,

      Assisted by her Galactic Team the Healing Council of Arcturus